Author Topic: What color are Mech’s when they come off the assembly line?  (Read 937 times)


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Recently had to have some paint work done on a few cars, and in my idle time, I got to thinking Battletech. It occurred to me, what does an assembled but unpainted Battletech look like to the workers at the factory (in universe)? Then, are they produced and then given a primer coat that the purchaser can then apply their desired color to, or are they made to order (I.e., the first 12 Atlases go to Kurita, with 4 being painted upas Sword of Light, and 2 done up as the 4th Alshain. Then, the next 2 are going to the Crater Cobra’s, so let’s batch up some camo and Robbin blue…etc)?

I got to thinking about those Comstar Mechs that got accidentally mailed to the Combine and was curious if the Combine had to paint over the Comstar paint scheme, or if they were just left primer gray to be painted upon delivery? Seems highly unlikely that they’d have been delivered painted up in DC colors prior to being shipped to uphold the “mistake”.


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Re: What color are Mech’s when they come off the assembly line?
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The official answer is: "whatever works for your narrative," but factory fresh material is likely covered in a primer coat and little else until the machine reaches its final destination.

 In the case of ComStar's delivery of BattleMechs to the DCMS during Operation Rosebud, it's fairly safe to assume the BattleMechs were not delivered to the DCMS in ComStar white...
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