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Super Karnov
« on: 09 October 2023, 20:03:40 »
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Super Karnov Omni-Helicopter (Cargo)
Mass: 60 tons
Movement Type: VTOL
Power Plant: Fusion
Cruising Speed: 86.4 kph
Maximum Speed: 129.6 kph
Armor: BAR 6
Communication System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 3090
Tech Rating/Availability: E/X-X-F-D
Cost: 1,063,125 C-bills
Type: Super Karnov
Chassis Type: VTOL (Large)
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Advanced)
Mass: 60 tons
Battle Value: 214
Equipment Mass (tons)
Chassis/Controls 19.5
Engine/Trans. Fusion 16.5
     Cruise MP: 8
     Flank MP: 12
Heat Sinks: 0 0
Fuel: 0
Turret: 1.5
Armor Factor (BAR 6): 64 2.5
Structure Armor
Front 6 16
R/L Side 6/6 12/12
Rear 6 10
Rotor 6 2
Turret 6 12
Fixed Equipment
Location Fixed Mass (tons)
Body Advanced Fire Control 1.5
Omni Chassis Mod 0
and Ammo Location Critical Mass (tons)
Bay 1: Cargo (20.0 tons) 1 Door
Notes: Features Omni Chassis and Controls Modification, Advanced Fire Control(1.5 tons)

Pod Space: 20 tons, 11 slots

Common Variants:

Liquid Cargo
18.2 tons Liquid Cargo

Insulated Cargo
17.4 tons Insulated Cargo

Refrigerated Cargo
17.4 tons Refrigerated Cargo

Infantry Transport
20 tons Infantry Compartment

Standardized Cargo
2x Cargo Container (10 tons)

Lift Hoist
4x Lift Hoists
2x Medium Lasers (Chin turret)

Air-Mobile Field Base
1x Mobile Field Base

Communication Vehicle
14 tons Comms Equipment
1x Cockpit Command Console
1x Guardian ECM Suite
1x Beagle Active Probe

Mobile Field Kitchen
3x Field Kitchens
3 tons Cargo
4 tons Liquid Cargo
4 tons Refrigerated Cargo

Arrow IV
1x Arrow IV (4t ammo, Chin turret)
Searchlight (front)

1x Thumper (4t ammo, Chin turret)
Searchlight (front)

Gunship A (Gauss)
1x Gauss Rifle (4t ammo, Chin turret)
Searchlight (front)

Gunship B (ELRM)
1x ELRM-15 (6t ammo, Chin turret)
Guardian ECM Suite

Armed Infantry Transport
1x Light PPC (Chin turret)
1x SPL (Chin turret)
Targeting Computer
8t Infantry Compartment
The Super Karnov is a post-Jihad support omni-helicopter.  By being built on a support vehicle chassis, the Super Karnov manages to be an affordable chassis despite its weight.

Super Karnovs primarily compete with Karnovs and Cobras, both 30-ton transport helicopters.  Though the Super Karnov is twice the weight of both, it does have more than three times the payload of the base Karnov, and has 40% more payload than the Cobra while being only about 15% more expensive per unit.  The main draw is its omni-technology integration, which enables Super Karnovs to seamlessly swap from its solid cargo bay to configurations for carrying liquid, insulated or refrigerated cargo types.  A common and successful manufacturer demonstration for prospective buyers involves a Super Karnov in the Lifting Hoist configuration lifting up an entire Atlas.

Though primarily a civilian helicopter, the Super Karnov clearly targets a secondary military market.  The unassuming helicopter hides a dormant advanced fire control system, able to control powerful fire support weapons if properly configured.  Similarly, the camera mounted in a clearly oversized chin mount, marketed as an "enhanced situational awareness system" to civilians, is able to accept weapons as large as gauss rifles.  These attributes allow the Super Karnov to put down powerful, albeit fragile, firepower.

Despite this capability, most of the useful auxiliary roles for the Super Karnov don't involve the chin turret or fire control systems at all.  The air-mobile field base is probably the most useful among these, as this variant enables military formations to repair vehicles and Battlemechs in the field, even in the absence of proper maintenance depot infrastructure.

Author's note: Just wanted to experiment with large helicopters.  Combat vehicle-based VTOLs above 30 tons are pretty much useless, but support vehicles VTOLs above that weight can be surprisingly competent.

You can get it even faster with more advanced engines/structures than D tech level (10-11 cruise last I checked), but for this I kept everything at D tech (except the Omni mod, which I think is E).


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Re: Super Karnov
« Reply #1 on: 11 October 2023, 17:34:52 »
Mobile Field Base?  No, no no... the 8/12 Thumper is EXTREMELY useful... ;D


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Re: Super Karnov
« Reply #2 on: 11 October 2023, 17:59:46 »
(FYI, neither the Karnov nor Cobra are helicopters, they are VTOLs. The Karnov is FT's incarnation of the Osprey and the Cobra is a similar aircraft with jet turbines replacing the turbo-props.)




The Harrier would also be classed as a VTOL in BT

However, the Super Karnov being a ridiculously large helicopter (included in BT's class "VTOL"), akin to a Chinook or Stallion, is fair game.



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Re: Super Karnov
« Reply #3 on: 11 October 2023, 18:40:22 »
As a "true" Super Karnov, look up the quad rotor idea for a bigger Osprey. Originally intended to be a 45T aircraft including 11T of cargo, it's interesting. I'sure that 1000 years of development could make a reality ;)

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Re: Super Karnov
« Reply #4 on: 11 October 2023, 19:18:19 »
I think the Harrier would be a conventional aircraft with VSTOL equipment.  It goes too fast to be just a VTOL.