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Turkina Keshik: 3057 Falcon and Wolf
« on: 31 October 2023, 02:03:44 »
Falcon and the Wolf: A Turkina Keshik campaign.

   “Khan Crichell painted a damning though inaccurate-portrait of a vast, sinister conspiracy between Ulric, Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht of ComStar, and the two Wolf Clan khans to re-establish a tainted version of the Star League with Victor Steiner-Davion of the Federated Commonwealth as its First Lord. He claimed that the Clans, including the young Crusaders who made up much of Clan Wolf, had been betrayed by Ulric, who intended to destroy them and the entire Clan way of life. Several Council members believed Crichell's wild speculations, and Khan Phelan Ward's attempt to refute them proved fruitless . Nineteen Clans declared Ulric guilty of treason; fifteen declared him innocent. The Council stripped him of his rank as ilKhan, demoting him to the rank of Star Colonel. In response, Ulric demanded a Trial of Refusal against Clan Jade Falcon.

   The Falcons had anticipated any response but this. They had won a vital political victory and assumed that Ulric would not contest the verdict. The Falcons were poised to resume the invasion of the Inner Sphere, and the last thing they wanted was to squander warriors and BattleMechs on inter-Clan strife. Their initial reluctance to fight, however, evaporated at Ulric's insinuation that the Falcons wished to avoid a trial because they feared they would lose. At this, the Falcons angrily agreed to face the Wolves in the bitter conflict that came to be known as the Refusal War.”  --The Falcon and the Wolf

The original chaos campaign is being slightly adapted to fit the scenario book structure.  First, due to the entire clan arsenal being drawn up, players may not have access to all their normal mechs and configurations as war material is damaged or in short supply.  Players must select their weight class and roll on 2d6.  The result of the 2d6 roll will determine if they can use their chosen variant, or if they are instead assigned a prime variant or even second line variant.  It is possible the player's chosen weight class is completely unavailable on a low roll, leaving the player to choose (and roll) for another mech weight class if they own one, or be assigned an elemental squad in the event they have no backup mechs.

Further, the Turkina Keshik must bid lower then the normal clan Jade Falcon defending force to earn the right to battle the wolves in place of the listed regular falcon unit.  Fortunately, the clan bidding process in the Refusal War does not count experience, only weight class, so elite warriors have an edge over an equal weighted regular opponent.  Players must bid their tonnage BEFORE rolling to see if their ideal mech/variant is available due to supply constraints, representing the logistical supply issues of the all out war.  Thus it is possible that a force may be slightly under equipped compared to its initial bid.

Example:  The Players wish to bring a 95 ton Gladiator.  This is a bid value of 95, for 95 tons.  On a roll of 11+, the player can select the D/other variant.  On a roll of a 9+, the player can choose A,B,C variants.  On a roll of 4+, the player can use only the Prime variant.  On a roll of a 2-3, no Gladiator is currently available/repaired, and the player must select another mech they own of a lighter weight then the 95 tons they bid, down to elementals.  Thus, if a player rolled a 2-3, they could try again with a 90 ton mech, and if that failed an 85, ect, depending on the mechs they have available.  If a specific mech or variant is not listed, the closest replacement will be chosen.  For example, if a player has a Black Knight, they will roll on the 75 ton Marauder C availability target number.

Special Unit Rules:  The Turkina Keshik may only use the 'Force the Initiative' and 'Overrun' rules if the Clan Wolf forces break honor.  Further, as the Jade Falcon exemplars, they may not break honor in this war.  The Turkina Keshik may make one additional availability roll per Star that is deployed, as they have better access to equipment.
Mission 1

80 95 80 45 75= Wolf Bid of 375 points.
Actual Wolf Forces due to random tables:
Roll 9, Gargoyle B/C, Roll3 Warhammer IIC, Roll5 Phoenix Hawk IIC, Roll8 Mist Lynx Prime, Roll6 Timberwolf Prime

Silver Wolves 352nd Assault Cluster, Elite (1/ 2 Pilots)

Scenario: Cutting Teeth
Planet Colmar, September 24, 3057

Map: Lake Area (West) River Valey (East).  Half the Jade Falcon mechs start on the east mapsheet, half deploy from the east turn 1.  Half the wolf mechs arrive turn 1, the rest turn 2, from the West.

Situation: The Silver Wolves, advancing from a dry river bed, were able to close the distance to jade falcon forces while the defending Falcon aerospace fighters could only hit the front of the wolf mechs, due to the riverbed cover.  The Elite wolf forces cut the lower skill Jade Falcon 12th Regulars to pieces, destroying every Falcon mech and killing 90% of the units pilots.  The Wolves, perhaps due to the Turkina Keshik intervention, suffered 17% casualties and 66% mech losses, though they held the field and claimed the Falcon mechs as salvage.

Objective: Destroy the 352nd Command Star in revenge for the loss of the 12th Falcon Regulars.

Special Rules: The 352nd Wolf unit is full of wolf supremacists, who do not show the falcons any honor.  They fire as a star onto a single target.  The Turkina Keshik, per special campaign rule, must fight with honor regardless.

Chaos Campaign: This Track will cost 1 point.  All Turkina Keshik forces receive 1 point for fighting with honor however, and 1 point if all Wolf forces are defeated.  Due to the collapse of the 12th Falcon Regulars, clan wolf automatically holds the field so no bonus is assigned to Jade Falcon players for mech kills in this scenario.  Further, as long as the player's mech survives, due to the total war nature of this conflict their unit is repaired for free, though pilot damage must be healed normally with honor due to the lack of downtime between battles.


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Re: Turkina Keshik: 3057 Falcon and Wolf
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Mission 2: To the Bone

Crichell snapped. "I want answers. Why is your plan not working? Why are the Wolves slicing through our units as if they were not there? Answers, sa Khan Chistu, I want answers-now!" "Calm down , Khan Crichell. Everything is going as planned," Chistu replied. ''The Wolves have achieved these victories against mere garrison troops. I will continue to litter their path with second-line and solahma units. This will force Natasha and Ulric to expend their front-line forces in a vain effort to weaken us. I will skin the Wolves layer by layer until I have cut them to the bone. Only then will they face our frontline forces and taste the true fury of the Falcon. You may rest easy, Khan Crichell. We are in no danger from the Wolves . Wotan is their unreachable star."

With Phelan Ward's attack on Sudeten, the Falcon forces found their enemy retreating from the Falcons in what looked like a disorganized mess.  However, the retreat was a feint, and lighter hidden units were placed in the woods outside the city, waiting in ambush for the overly aggressive falcon forces.  When the Falcons marched into the tight forested terrain, the wolves sprung their trap, turned around from the retreat, and attacked the now out of position Falcon forces.

Special Rules: Half the wolf forces will start as hidden unit.  The remainder enter from the falcon edge on turn 1.  The hidden units must wait until turn 3 to reveal themselves, unless a falcon unit triggers a point blank ambush or otherwise detects the hidden unit.  The maps used are the heavy woods 1 and 2 mapsheets, in chase format.  The wolf defenders have 90% of the bid of the falcons, but are elite (1/2) skill.

Track Cost 0 (1 base, enemy has Hidden units -1)
Objective: Destroy all enemy wolf mechs.  The enemy is dishonorable on turn 3, when the full extent of the trap is revealed.  +2 points (90%, elite skill)
Fought with Honor: +1 point.

Selection of clan wolf randomly rolled mechs

Stormcrow prime
Gargoyle B/C
Hellbringer prime
Hellbringer variant
Nova Prime
Viper Variant
Nova Prime
Hellbringer Prime
Mad Dog Prime
Hellbringer Prime
Stormcrow Prime
Ice Ferret Prime

In the end, Khan Phelan's forces scored an impressive victory over the Falcons. Khan Phelan Ward and his forces killed or captured some 100 Falcon 'Mechs, nearly all that had been on the planet. Eighty-five percent of the Falcon MechWarriors and pilots were killed, the remainder injured. Meanwhile, the Wolves lost only 35 units.


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Re: Turkina Keshik: 3057 Falcon and Wolf
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Passing the Torch

"The Crusaders may be your philosophical kin, but they are
not Wolves. You hate the Inner Sphere because of our teachings. We are told that they are below us, yet on every front they
have adapted and are now a match for most of the Clans.
Perhaps before we assault them again we should study their
ways of war, lest we run the risk of being defeated just as the
Falcons-your philosophical leaders-were. "
-Star Colonel Ulric Kerensky, addressing the 11 th Wolf
Regulars before the drop to Zoetermeer.

Ulric, with Vlad as second in command, assault the world of Zoertermeer.  The elite wolf warriors strike out at the jade falcon command lance, pinning them in place and trying to defeat as many as possible before reinforcements arrive.  Vladimir from the cockpit of his Timberwolf along with his supporting forces, must retreat by turn 10, when Falcon reinforcements arrive.  The Falcons will hold the field.

Special Rules:  The residential city has 20 small buildings on the east mapsheet and 10 small buildings on the west mapsheet, placed by the jade falcon players.  Each residential building has been packed with supplies, as the Jade Falcon command has set up their field base here.  When a building takes 10 damage, roll a d6.  On a 6, the supplies explode, dealing 20 damage to the hex and 20 more damage to each surrounding hex, in 5 damage clusters.  On a 1-5, the building doesnt explode and collapses normally.

The Falcons deploy on the east edge, while the wolves deploy on the west edge, and may only flee off the west edge.  Any wolf units still on the board after turn 10 are considered destroyed.

Track cost: -1 point
Objective:  The Falcons must survive with more then half their initial units for +1 point.  If they survive with more then 75% of their units, they get +2 points instead.
+1 point for fighting with honor.
The falcons hold the field, so each kill earns honor, 1 point per 25 tons destroyed.

Special enemy mechwarrior:
Vlad is a gunnery 1, piloting 2 MechWarrior.  He has 2 edge, and 3 Tactics (+3 initiative), and favors a timberwolf.  (rolled 8, so only timberwolf prime available).
The Wolves are led by Vlad and a command trinary.  The trinary has 40% of the force size of the falcons.