Author Topic: Chicagoland December Game - Kill the Agents  (Read 376 times)

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Chicagoland December Game - Kill the Agents
« on: 23 November 2023, 11:11:30 »

The annual December "Kill the agents" will be on Saturday, December 9th.

The game is at Games Plus.
(Start time approx. 11:00)
101 W. Prospect Ave.
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
Phone: 847-577-9656

The rules for the players are as follows:
1. You must select 2 book stock mechs from any TRO up to and including 3150. Record Sheet products are also okay. It must have a legitimate record sheet. Experimental units are not allowed from those products either. With all of the TROs, you can ask if one of those will work and I will approve it or say nay. Please post here or PM if you would like to ask about a unit.
2. No artillery of any kind is allowed.
3. Any type of C3 is only shared between your two mechs. Just the same, Narc or any other group benefit weapon only helps your 2 unit team.
4. You get 6000 BV2 to pick your units. This includes their piloting and gunnery and other modifiers to BV such as C3.

The standard Chicago rules apply.

I and my fellow agents have some nice painted mechs up for grabs for the for the person who kills the mech. One per player to make sure everyone gets something.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
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Re: Chicagoland December Game - Kill the Agents
« Reply #1 on: 08 December 2023, 15:26:23 »
Time to finish painting and calculate some pilot skills and BVs.

I am curious to see what kind of 3150 tech shows up.