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Donar Fast Transport Helicopter
« on: 28 November 2023, 13:32:19 »
In midst of the Wars of Reavings, the Blood Spirits faced an issue with transporting their ProtoMechs quickly; the Arcadia was too large of an asset to risk for lesser missions and trials. There weren't any smaller fast transport available. Some brought up a proposal of turning Donar into a fast transport without having to spend considerable scare resources on a new design from scratch. Installing a fuel cell while stripping down armament would allow the new transport variant to go up to maximum speed of nearly 227 kmh and with a lift hoist, capable of carrying even the most heaviest of the ProtoMechs, the Minotaur, without any loss in the speed. Her armament was reduced to an Improved One-Shot SRM4 and she carried an ECM for defense. Scientists have start working on special straps allowing the ProtoMechs to be deployed quickly from the transport and be ready for action. Some suggest ProtoMechs with jump jets can do hot drops from the transports in mid flight. The transport variants can easily carry the 10 ton cargo containers with minimal efforts to carry supplies and parts to support the ProtoMechs and other units.

Code: [Select]
Donar Fast Transport Helicopter

Mass: 21 tons
Movement Type: VTOL
Power Plant: 155 Fuel Cell
Cruising Speed: 151.2 kph
Maximum Speed: 226.8 kph
Armor: Ferro-Fibrous
     1 SRM 4 (I-OS)
Manufacturer: Unknown
     Primary Factory: Unknown
Communication System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 3070
Tech Rating/Availability: F/X-X-F-E
Cost: 1,104,830 C-bills

Type: Donar Fast Transport Helicopter
Technology Base: Clan (Standard)
Movement Type: VTOL
Tonnage: 21
Battle Value: 311

Equipment                                          Mass
Internal Structure                                  2.5
Engine                        155 Fuel Cell           7
Cruising MP: 14
Flank MP: 21
Heat Sinks:                   1                       0
Control Equipment:                                  1.5
Lift Equipment:                                     2.5
Power Amplifier:                                    0.0
Armor Factor (Ferro)          57                      3

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Front                   3         16   
     R/L Side               3/3      14/14   
     Rear                    3         11   
     Rotor                   3         2     

and Ammo                     Location    Tonnage   
Lift Hoist/Arresting Hoist     Rear        3.0     
ECM Suite                     Front        1.0     
iOS-SRM 4                         Front        0.5     

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