Author Topic: (Answered) JumpJet-equipped vehicle exiting prohibited terrain, and immobile  (Read 289 times)


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Forgive me if this has already been answered.

Jump Jet-equipped ground vehicles can now use their JJs even when "immobilized" by Motive System Table (q.v.,78336.msg1869386.html#msg1869386), so long as the crew and engine are intact.
The latest errata for Total Warfare says:

Prohibited Terrain: If a unit skids into prohibited terrain—such as a hover vehicle sideslipping into woods or a wheeled vehicle skidding
into rough—entering that hex deals 1 point of damage for every 5 tons the unit weighs (round fractions up). The unit’s skid halts there and it
becomes immobile.
It seems like, provided that
A) a hover vehicle in this case was equipped with JJs, and
B) that the damage it took from entering the prohibited terrain didn't cause any engine crits or Motive System Damage,
it could jump _out_ of the prohibited terrain.  But the question then becomes, does it lose the Immobile status?

Is the vehicle immobilized by _being_ in the prohibited terrain, or does entering the prohibited terrain confer a permanent Immobile state, similar to rolling a 12 on the Motive System Damage Table?
If a vehicle jumps out of prohibited terrain that immobilized it, does it go back to being... mobilized?
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If a vehicle that enters a hex containing prohibited terrain via a skid, it can still jump from that hex, providing it has a functioning engine.
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