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In the Margins of History: a Campaign across Battletech Universe Eras

"See that Marauder over there, on the left side? I don’t care what your “history book” says, astech; that’s not a Davion ‘Mech, that’s the boss’ ride! You can go down to the ‘Mech bay and check the right leg actuator for the same marks as the one in the photo, if you doubt me!"

“In the Margins of History” is the ongoing chronicle of my campaign from the end of 3rd Succession War in 3025 to (hopefully) the end of WoB Jihad in 3081.

Following my desire to explore the Battletech Universe as it was first developed, chronologically; and inspired by the Total Chaos structure for the Jihad campaign, I decided to run my own campaign along Battletech Eras. Due to “free time with mathletic friends” being a scarcer commodity than XL engines during 3rd SW, I chose MegaMek and Chaos Campaign Warchest system for my solo campaign, sprinkled with houserules both of my own and of others.

After a brief warm-up season of >20 games building my Mercenary Company up to Battalion size and getting to better know MegaMek and Chaos Campaign (plus testing some houserules), I’m ready to share with you this ongoing chronicle. C&C are more than welcome!

You see, some mercs claim that they descend from some long lost SLDF Regiment, or that they had a great-great-grandfather in the Blackwatch. Others claim that they are exiled inheritors to this Duchy or the other on a noble quest for vengeance. But this merc outfit? It was born out of a bar fight in Galatea!

A ragtag band of Mechwarriors, Techs and other poor souls answered to the call of “You and what army?” at a cheap bar that night. Next morning, after being released from the local watch station’s brig, we pooled our money, reputation and contacts and embarked on the next outbound Dropship with a freshly signed contract with the Dracs.
In the span of 4 short years, we had grown to a mixed Battalion, buried some friends and earned the ire of the Dragon along the way.

We were the 4th Iron Conquerors Battalion, it was 3025 and, oh boy, things were going to get interesting in the Inner Sphere.

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Galtor III Campaign
May-September 3025, Galtor III, Draconis March, Federated Suns

Our first reputable contract was with the FedSuns at Galtor III, in 3025. It was our first time fighting proper regular troops and we were eager (and a bit nervous) to kick some samurais back to Luthien.

Hanse Davion had laid some kind of trap for the Combine, setting a false Star League supply depot as a decoy to ambush his enemy and slap old Takashi Kurita in the face. Unfortunately, during the preparations, someone had unearthed a real Star League depot and then the fight was for real.

We were a mixed battalion in strength, and we were supposed to divide our forces into companies and attach them to other units. Well, that was the 4th Iron Conquerors Battalion’s specialty; we mingled into the numbers of other units, fighting in the margins of the big combats and striking before the enemy realized that they were fighting a regiment with 4 battalions instead of 3 hahaha!

1st Command and 3rd Raider companies were attached to the 12th Vegan Rangers, McCullough’s battalion, in the orbital reserve aboard the dropships. 2nd Support company was attached to the Lone Wolves (crazy people, I tell you) and Dahar DMM, garrisoning the city of New Derry.

We were waiting for reinforcements when, well, all went to hell and the Dracs jumped on us with 5 regiments against the 2 of our own.

Initial unit roster

Campaign chronicle:
  • AAR1: Get out of my swamp! (05/Jan): Just as the Dracs savaged the 33rd Avalon Hussars near the fake supply depot, Razgriz’s company wiped out a 21st Galedon company in the swamp with few casualties, towing back a shiny new Stalker as a bonus!
  • AAR2: Mountain kata (22/Jan): Karasu's Incursors pushed a 21st Galedon reinforced company out of a vital mountain pass, even when outnumbered! Although, the Kuritan's didn't go out without drawing blood...
  • Don’t worry, I’ll tell you more soon…(more AAR to come)

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Re: In the Margins of History: a Campaign across Battletech Eras
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Fun writing style.  More please.
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