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The Valley of Death (lots of pics)
« on: 16 April 2023, 20:23:51 »
Hello Mech fans,

We have a battle report for your enjoyment. 

Capellan March 3029.  The Davion strike on this planet has been disastrous.  The intel was all wrong and the enemy presence was much larger than expected.  The drop zone was hit hard.  The general has ordered all forces to scatter and take shelter in the nearby mountains.   A force of Davion mechs are attempting to escape.  They can only hope to survive until off world reinforcements can arrive.       

To their dismay a lance of enemy mechs is blocking the pass.  The command lance must cross the valley and enter the mountain pass.  Speed is of the essence; there are heavy enemy assets in pursuit.   

Davion Force:

Command Lance
Battlemaster BLR-1G (Vet)
Warhammer WHM-6R (Reg)
Jagermech JM6-S (Reg)
Centurion CN9-A (Reg)                                       
Point Lance
Quickdraw QKD-4G (Vet)
Wolverine WVR-6R (Reg)
Griffon GRF-1N (Reg)
Enforcer ENF-4R (Reg)

The Mocha Mercs:

Anvil Lance
Shadow Hawk SHD-2H (Vet)      
Shadow Hawk SHD-2H (Reg)
Phoenix Hawk PXH-1 (Reg)
Vindicator VND-1R (Reg)
Wasp WSP-1A (Reg)

Hammer Lance
Awesome AWS-8Q (Vet)
Archer ARC-2W (Reg)
Catapult CPLT-A1 (Reg)
Thunderbolt TDR-5S (Reg)

The Davion mechs travel up the road to find the Mercs blocking their way. The game begins!

The Davion command lance enters the board and sprints as fast as they can.  Clearly something nasty is behind them. 

The Point Lance moves to clear the Eastern heights.  The enemy Wasp jumps into the woods to delay their advance.  The Wasp is punished for his aggression by being stripped bare by the Quickdraw.

“Stupid light mech; out of my way!”

The trap is sprung!  The mercenary Hammer lance enters the board and starts firing downrange.  The Warhammer becomes the focus and takes a beating.  The bigger shock occurs when the Catapult’s missile barrage arcs high overhead.  The missiles explode and clusters of mines scatter on the roadway. 

“What Star League Lost tech is this?”

The Merc anvil force focuses on bringing down the Quickdraw.  It withstands several rounds of fire when a lucky critical hit damages the gyro.  Unable to maneuver it falls to the combined firepower of the Mercs.  In an act of revenge, the Wasp claims the killing blow.   

“Like picking on light mechs yuh!”

The battle raged as the command lance moves up the road.  The Davion mechs split to bypass the mines the Catapult continues to place along the path.   The damage is accumulating across the board.  The leader of the merc Anvil lance is forced to withdraw. 

The Phoenix Hawk jumps directly behind the Centurion.  It burns its Larger laser into the rear armor and then proceeds to rip the LRM 10 out with its fist.  Savage!   

The battle nears its end.  The Centurion falls as well as the 2nd Merc Shadow Hawk.  The Warhammer and the Jagermech are taking too much fire.  The Phoenix Hawk works the Warhammer’s rear while the Archer closes in while launching salvo after salvo of LRMs.  The Thunderbolt and the Jagermech exchange volleys leaving the Jagermech cripped.   Both Davion MechWarriors decide they have no chance of escape.  They will stand their ground in the hope of giving their commander time to get away. 

“For the Prince!”

The Warhammer charges into the Archer and fires every weapon at its disposal.  There is no holding back, there is no next time.  The Archer staggers with half its LRM batteries destroyed.  It retaliates with SRM and medium laser fire. The Davion war machine goes down.  The Jagermech spins up its remaining autocannons and unleashes a stream of bullets into the Merc.  The Thunderbolt is cripped, but the return fire shatters the Davion glass cannon.  Only the leader remains of the Davion command lance. 

The Davion Battlemaster sprints through the pass, heavily mined by the Catapult.  A massive explosion engulfs the mech as his companions watch in horror.  Was their effort in vain?

[INSERT: Michael Bay massive explosions scene here]

The Davion commander emerges from the fire; battered but functional.  He orders his remaining mechs to escape.  The price today was too high. 

The End

Capellan Victory with 75% destruction of Davion command Lance

The Butcher’s Bill

Davion Force:

Command Lance
Battlemaster BLR-1G (Vet) – Damaged 39% Armor / 100% Internal remaining
Warhammer WHM-6R (Reg) – Destroyed
Jagermech JM6-S (Reg) – Destroyed
Centurion CN9-A (Reg)– Destroyed
Point Lance
Quickdraw QKD-4G (Vet) – Destroyed
Wolverine WVR-6R (Reg) – Damaged 60% Armor / 90% Internal remaining
Griffon GRF-1N (Reg) – Damaged 67% Armor / 100% Internal remaining
Enforcer ENF-4R (Reg) – Damaged 43% Armor / 100% Internal remaining

The Mocha Mercs:

Anvil Lance
Shadow Hawk SHD-2H (Vet) – Crippled Damaged 0% Armor / 30% Internal remaining   
Shadow Hawk SHD-2H (Reg) – Destroyed
Phoenix Hawk PXH-1 (Reg) – Damaged 38% Armor / 100% Internal remaining
Vindicator VND-1R (Reg) – Damaged 42% Armor / 77% Internal remaining
Wasp WSP-1A (Reg) – Damaged 0% Armor / 100% Internal remaining

Hammer Lance
Awesome AWS-8Q (Vet) – Undamaged
Archer ARC-2W (Reg) – Crippled 0% Armor / 17% Internal remaining
Catapult CPLT-A1 (Reg) – Damaged 0% Armor / 63% Internal remaining
Thunderbolt TDR-5S (Reg) – Crippled 0% Armor / 27% Internal remaining

If you got this far...Thank you!

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Re: The Valley of Death (lots of pics)
« Reply #1 on: 16 June 2023, 13:22:40 »

(Did you run this as Alpha Strike, or as non-hex BT?)
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Re: The Valley of Death (lots of pics)
« Reply #2 on: 08 September 2023, 11:37:30 »
A Hybrid I call Beta strike.  In between both. 


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Re: The Valley of Death (lots of pics)
« Reply #3 on: 08 November 2023, 19:50:43 »
Not sure how I missed this one... nice work! :)

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Re: The Valley of Death (lots of pics)
« Reply #4 on: 11 December 2023, 10:08:47 »
Hey it is always here for fun!

Thank you