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Comstar vs Wolf. None shall pass
« on: 15 May 2023, 13:56:15 »
Hello All,

I have another picture filled battle report for you.  Please enjoy. 

3050 Tukayyid

I often create unbalanced scenarios.  This was very much one of them.  An entire mech Level III would barrel down the mountain road to claim control of the valley exit.  This would allow Comstar to feed forces into the flank of the advancing Wolf forces.  Blocking their path of a Wolf Nova formation.     The victory conditions were simple at the end of ten turns whoever had the most mechs with 2 feet of the exit corner was the victor.  The last Level II would have a delayed entry on turn 3. 

Wolf mechs cover the road.  “None shall pass?!?”

The first Comstar mechs enter the field.  This level II consisted of the fast movers and would attempt to threaten the Wolf right flank. 

The heavier Level II entered on the Wolf left flank.  They jumped into the woods and the Grasshopper leading the charge.  “The brave are always the first to die!”

The first half of the battle saw heavy action in the Southern woods.  This appeared to be the Wolves’ weaker flank.  The Grasshopper was brought down by the Vulture and Adder, but the Comstar return fire focused on the heavy clan mech and destroyed it.  An ammo explosion wrecking the already damaged internals.  This left one a point of elementals to hold the woods.  The heavier assault elements of the Level II are struggling to catch up tot the lead elements.   

The Wolves moved to cover the gap with the Adder.  The Exterminator jumped to beat down the light mech, but it would never get a chance.  The Nova commander called a focused fire from the center of the map, there is no zellbrigen.  The display of clan firepower was impressive.  In a fireball of missile and laser fire the Exterminator collapsed.  Don’t pick on the little guys.

The white crush arrives

The Southern woods continue to be the hotbed of activity.  While the Adder fell back more elementals were fed into the woods.  While focusing on enemy mechs this Guillotine presented an excellent opportunity to the Toads.  What occurred next was truly horrifying.  The Elementals cripped the mech with a lucky gyro hit and then proceeded to swarm the mech.  By the time the mech was forced to withdraw it had several weapons destroyed and most of its engine shielding surgically removed by the Wolf infantry.  It was truly epic.  The Elementals were withered down, but that was one enemy mech unable to  claim the objective. 

The white wall continued to advance.  The slower assault mechs would not be able to contribute to the victory conditions.  The Wolves fell back and started to focus on those Comstar mechs that could make the valley exit.  On the Northern flank, the Flashman fell and the Lancelot was forced to fallback.  In the South the first Highlander was forced to withdraw.   


The bloody end was near.  The Comstar commander ordered the Star captain in his Timberwolf to be brought down.  The elite pilot had devastated the boys in white.  The Crab moved to get in close and paid for his aggression.  The focus fire of the remaining mechs finally ended the clan commander.  The last of the Wolf mechs circled around their fallen leader and prepared to extort a high price for entering the pass. 

The clan mechs attempt to bring down the Battlemaster.  While it was completely stripped of all armor, the mech was bent but unbroken.  The return fire saw all the Clan wolf mechs, none of which were fresh, succumb to the Comstar barrage. It was turn nine and the game was over. 

Witness the final stand of Clan Wolf. 

This was a blast of a game played with against my son.  With some adjustments to the forces list, including the removal of the assault Level II, I believe this can be a fun scenario.  While those Comstar brutes proved to be the tipping point, the Wolf forces were giving as good as it got. 56% of the Comstar force was crippled or destroyed with others damaged.

Thank you for reading
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Re: Comstar vs Wolf. None shall pass
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Hello All,

I ran this scenario at my local club.  This time with two Comstar Level IIs and a weight reduction of the clan mechs. It was a total Wolf victory. 

My good friend had very hot dice running the clan forces.  The elementals also had a field day even if non came home.