Author Topic: Centurion Weapon System shutdown timing.  (Read 663 times)


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Centurion Weapon System shutdown timing.
« on: 10 September 2023, 19:56:42 »
IO: pg 86.

One Centurion weapon system does the thing where it shuts down a mech at the end of the attack phase.
Its therefore shutdown during the physical attack phase.
During the Heat phase, shutdown units check to see if they start up again. (pg 160 TW) which would allow the unit to start up again immediately after being shut down for 1 phase.

The CWS also has a rule where if a shutdown unit is hit with a CWS it automatically remains shut down during the next turn as well.

The question is, is it intended for the CWS to allow a unit to be shut down during the following turn if only 1 CWS hits and shuts it down,  Or are 2 hits from CWS's intended to be required to achieve a full turn of shutdown.

Pedantic I know,  but I'm making sure of how its supposed to be before bothering the megamek guys.