Author Topic: (Answered) Should BMM Enhanced Flamers apply to non-mech flamers?  (Read 899 times)


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The Battlemech Manual introduced the very popular "Enhanced Flamers" optional rule on page 99. Under this rule, if fired at a heat-tracking target, flamers will do both heat and damage, rather than having to choose one or the other. While introduced in the BMM, I have commonly seen this rule used in combined-arms play under Total Warfare/TacOps/etc rules (as it still significantly improves the general utility of flamers). The rule states that it applies when "a flamer of any kind" is fired. However, in the BMM, only mechs exist for rules purposes, so there was some ambiguity when used in such situations.

In the opinion of the devs, if this optional rule is taken into combined-arms combat, should it continue to apply to all types of flamers, including BA flamers and/or conventional infantry with flamers as support weapons?

Using it with conventional infantry seemed dubious to me, while applying it to mech-scale flamers on non-mech units seemed logical (since they are effectively identical to mech-mounted flamers, with even "vehicle" flamers being usable by a mech), but I was less certain about BA flamers. I could see those going either way, and wanted an official opinion.
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Re: Should BMM Enhanced Flamers apply to non-mech flamers?
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Officially, it's a BMM-only, mech-only flamer option.  Anything beyond that would be house ruling: there won't be errata making it "optional official" for other products, simply because the other core rulebooks like TW and AGOAC don't do options.  I myself wouldn't extend it to infantry of any kind, but that's just a rando's opinion rather than word of the devs.

Also note that this is more of an Ask The Devs question.  We try to stick to how canon rules work rather than how variations of them might be applied.
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Re: (Answered) Should BMM Enhanced Flamers apply to non-mech flamers?
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Fair. Thanks for the answer!