Author Topic: (Research) Angle of Attack modifier for spheroid dropships at low altitude  (Read 423 times)


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I've gone through the Total Warfare book trying to find a ruling on this... Either I am blind, or stupid. :embarrassed:
As far as I could figure out, according to pg. 84 of TW, on low altitude map spheroid dropships use a grounded spheroid dropship's footprint and facing, essentially pointing the nose "up". As I understand it, it also seems to suggest that they effectively do not use velocity once at low alt, instead paying 1 thrust per 1 hex of movement in any direction.

So, how do I determine the angle of attack modifier when engaging a spheroid dropship on a low altitude map? Is it always side?
I had some people tell me it should be determined based on what direction the dropship last traveled... but what if it is just hovering?
Kind of related to this, if spheroid dropships don't use velocity, are they always considered to be at velocity 0 for the purposes of the appropriate modifier when targeting aerospace units?

That's that, pretty much. Please don't beat me too hard.
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I think I found the answer - TW 250.
DropShips take damage in the same way on the ground map
as on the space map. The angle of attack determines the facing
struck by incoming fire and the attack must exceed the Damage
Threshold to cause critical damage. Aerodyne DropShips use the
same facings as on the space map, while attacks against spheroid
DropShips always strike the side.
Attacks by DropShips are carried out in the same manner as on
the space map.