Author Topic: Reloading One-Shot BA Weapons Under Fire Questions  (Read 435 times)


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Reloading One-Shot BA Weapons Under Fire Questions
« on: 11 January 2024, 07:34:03 »
I am working from TacOps: Advanced Rules (Corrected Fourth Printing) page 181 - Rearming under Fire and Total Warfare (Corrected Ninth Printing) page 261 - Cargo Carriers. I don't believe anything has changed in errata since these printings.

Let's say I am interested in rearming a 4-man IS Standard (SRM) squad, each member of which is equipped with a one-shot SRM 2. I have a Scorpion Light Tank (ML) which has 1 ton of cargo space (actual cargo, not infantry.)

BA SRM 2 ammo is 3 BV and 20 kg per shot. So let's say I have loaded the Scorpion with 4 shots worth 12 BV (on top of the truck's normal BV, when building the force) and totaling 80 kg - enough to rearm the squad, which has fired off its weapon earlier in the scenario. (Must it be a FULL ton even if the unit is not rearmed in full tons?)

My question is if the following process is correct.

Turn 1 movement phase: I move my BA squad into the same hex as the Scorpion, or an adjacent one. At the end of the phase I announce that they are rearming themselves. (I believe this is valid because the ammo is "on a unit in the same or an adjacent hex to the unit being loaded" and that "friendly infantry is present in the same hex [as the unit being loaded with cargo]" - even if the infantry present are the unit being reloaded.)

Turn 1 combat phases: The BA are immobile and are attacked at a -4 modifier because they are being reloaded as per TO. However, the Scorpion is not because it does not appear to state that the unit being loaded or unloaded from is immobile - just the unit being rearmed and any units helping. The BA can't attack because they are being loaded with cargo as per TW, but the Scorpion can attack because it just merely needs to be present in an adjacent hex.

Turn 1 end phase: The reload is NOT finished because the timer does not count the turn in which rearming (or other cargo operations) starts?

Turn 2: The BA can't move or the reloading aborts. The Scorpion can move as long as it ends adjacent to the BA. During combat the BA is still at -4 to hit. The loading finishes during the end phase after one full turn of reloading, because it is a one-shot weapon. 4 shots/80 kg of ammo is removed from the Scorpion's cargo. I do not have to roll for explosion because BA and their ammo do not have a procedure for explosions.

Does that seem correct?

I'm especially iffy on whether the Scorpion is immobile or not, whether it can move or not, and whether it can attack or not. The rules just seem to suggest the holder of the ammo just merely needs to be in the same hex or adjacent - presumably during each turn of loading - not that it counts as "helping" or that it counts as specifically having the cargo unloaded.


Bonus question: Regular cargo space can be used for infantry - is the opposite true? As in, can infantry space (like on APCs) be used to transport cargo instead of infantry?
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