Author Topic: Do atmospheric densities other than Very High Atmosphere affect High-Alt Map?  (Read 212 times)


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Per TacOps AR pg. 53 for Very High Atmosphere:
• Aerospace Units: Instead of 4 rows on the High-Altitude Map between the Ground Hexes row and Space/ Atmosphere Interface row (see p. 79, TW), there are 7 rows.
Are other non-standard atmospheric densities also meant to potentially have an effect? I almost want to say I remember something like that being a thing - but now when I went looking this is the only instance of it that I could find.
For example, are there even atmospheric rows and a space/atmosphere interface on the map if a planetary body has no atmo and is thus under Vacuum?
StratOps pg. 92 has tangentially related rules to this question concerning effective ranges for orbit to surface attacks and for vacuum it says:
• Vacuum: No to-hit modifiers for atmosphere, ground or space/atmosphere hexes are applied.
So, from this I gather that even under vacuum there is a Space/Atmo interface and atmospheric hexes for the purposes of other rules? For example, if a WarShip enters "interface" of a vacuum-atmo planetary body, does it still require its usual control roll to avoid starting to go down?