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"Roadbreaker" Heavy Tank (Scorpion Empire)
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Begin Transcript:

MechWarrior Zygmund: "Our informant told us that Holdout had been stripped of its Mechs because they'd all been sent to the Hanseatic front. There were a few details he failed to mention. I guess you already knew that, since he was you. Those tanks you got are something else. And when I say tank, I mean those big wheeled bruisers. The turrets on them things have one of everything and the kitchen sink too. Anyway, they met us just before we hit the city. They rolled up in that 5-point formation you Scorpions always use, just like they owned the place. I guess they did. Ten of 'em versus twelve of us. No radio hail, no nothing. They just started shooting as soon as they got in range. We got wrecked. Wrecked, understand? My little WTH-2K lasted about 20 seconds. After I ejected, I saw Gillespie's Merlin get its head taken clean off. The others tried to run then, but it was too late. But you already know that, too. (brief pause) I don't know why I'm telling you all this. So how many did we get, anyway? Three? Four?"

Watch Agent (redacted): "Two tanks lost. Four KIAs total."

Mechwarrior Zygmund: "Two? Are you ****ing kidding me? Well, ****. You wanted my side of things, and that's it. The only thing I regret is disappointin' my ma. I'm tired of talkin' and this necrosie-whatever is makin' the room spin. So either get this over with or get lost."

-Final recorded statement of Piotyr Zygmund, corsair MechWarrior, June 3141

"Roadbreaker" Heavy Tank

Mass: 80 tons
Movement Type: Wheeled
Power Plant: 220 ICE
Cruising Speed: 32.4 kph
Maximum Speed: 54 kph
Armor: Ferro-Fibrous
     1 Medium Chemical Laser
     2 Machine Gun
     2 SRM 2
     1 Gauss Rifle
     1 LB 10-X AC
     1 Anti-Missile System
Manufacturer: Quixote Industries
     Primary Factory: Navarre
Communication System: JNE Integrated
Targeting & Tracking System: Build 2 JRD TTS
Introduction Year: 3137
Tech Rating/Availability: F/X-X-X-E
Cost: 2,535,867 C-bills

The Roadbreaker is a wheeled, three-axle, 80-ton heavy tank that was developed by the EscorpiĆ³n Imperio just prior to the Hanseatic Crusade. Like the Macana before it, the Roadbreaker set new limits for what an ICE-powered vehicle could achieve.

The Roadbreaker's firepower is centered around a mech-killing Gauss Rifle. This weapon is supported by an LB 10-X AC that is often used to fire cluster shot into breaches made by the Gauss Rifle. These weapons have good combat endurance with three tons of ammunition each. Secondary armament includes a Medium Chemical Laser with 30 shots, two SRM-2s with two tons of ammunition, and a pair of 20mm miniguns with 100 shots between them. Due to its versatile, hard-hitting mix of weaponry and generous ammo capacity, the Roadbreaker is a deadly opponent.

The Roadbreaker is strongly protected with 10 tons of Clan Ferro-Fibrous armor. As the vehicle is designed primarily for open-field combat, the armor is particularly formidable on the front and turret. However, Roadbreakers are somewhat vulnerable to attacks from the rear. An Anti-Missile System helps to mitigate missile strikes that might otherwise incapacitate the vehicle. The powerplant propels the tank to an adequate top speed of 54 kph, and like all Clan vehicles the ammo compartment features an integral CASE system.

As a wheeled vehicle the Roadbreaker has limitations in difficult terrain. This is not necessarily viewed as a drawback, however. Roadbreakers are intended to directly engage mechs and other tanks with overwhelming firepower, not finesse.

Roadbreakers have remained in service with the Scorpion Empire, where they are a relatively common sight in second-line and Grunt formations. It is not unusual for Roadbreaker units to engage Mech formations on their own initiative, even when friendly support is not expected. Far more often than not these sorties have resulted in a Scorpion victory.

Even after decades of effort the Imperio was still suffering from a shortage of conventional firepower. Upon recognizing the success of the relatively low-tech Macana, the Scorpions embarked on a program to develop a heavy tank along similar lines. Eschewing the advanced powerplants of other Clan vehicles, but still mounting immense firepower, this vehicle would be unlike anything the Clans had fielded before.

Firstly, the platform was designed around an internal combustion engine. This greatly simplified production while ensuring that Roadbreaker units could utilize local logistical networks. It also allowed the Imperio's limited high-tech industries to focus on producing the vehicle's armor and weapons. The use of a wheeled design ensured that maintenance in the field was somewhat simplified.

In the end, the Scorpions produced a tank that was a match for virtually any heavy Mech. Modest numbers had been produced by the time of the Hanseatic Crusade, where the tank earned a fearsome reputation. A Roadbreaker is a highly-sought post for any freeborn warrior. Even the most elitist Trueborn MechWarriors view Roadbreaker units with grudging respect.

Code: [Select]
Type: Roadbreaker
Technology Base: Clan (Standard)
Movement Type: Wheeled
Tonnage: 80
Battle Value: 1,356

Equipment                                          Mass
Internal Structure                                    8
Engine                        220 ICE                20
Cruising MP: 3
Flank MP: 5
Heat Sinks:                   0                       0
Control Equipment:                                  4.0
Power Amplifier:                                    0.0
Turret:                                             2.5
Armor Factor (Ferro)          192                    10

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Front                   8         48   
     R/L Side               8/8      36/36   
     Rear                    8         24   
     Turret                  8         48   

and Ammo                          Location    Tonnage   
Trailer Hitch                       Rear        0.0     
Anti-Missile System                Turret       0.5     
2 SRM 2                            Turret       1.0     
Medium Chemical Laser              Turret       1.0     
LB 10-X AC                         Turret       10.0   
Gauss Rifle                        Turret       12.0   
2 Machine Gun                      Turret       0.5     
Anti-Missile System Ammo (24)       Body        1.0     
Half Machine Gun Ammo (100)         Body        0.5     
CASE                                Body        0.0     
Gauss Rifle Ammo (24)               Body        3.0     
Medium Chemical Laser Ammo (30)     Body        1.0     
LB 10-X Cluster Ammo (20)           Body        2.0     
SRM 2 Ammo (50)                     Body        1.0     
LB 10-X AC Ammo (10)                Body        1.0     
SRM 2 Fragmentation Ammo (50)       Body        1.0