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Jump Platform Design Suggestions
« on: 17 December 2020, 11:30:38 »
Carrion Industries is interested in exploring a new paradigm in bluewater amphibious assault - the naval "jump platform" and is interested in the input of experienced Naval Designers in putting together some prototypes.

The tender is for an IS tech naval support vessel of warship proportions that would approach close to a contested beach and have onboard mech forces propel themselves onto the beach using jump jets- it should have
 - A jump platform - we are currently thinking a helipad is most likely - allowing a mech to stand and launch itself using its own jump jets
 - Capability to quickly deploy a lance together - 3 Mech Bays and 1 Helipad should be sufficient at a minimum as this would allow mechs to jump one after another. 
 - Survivability/Speed, it will be getting close to enemy force concentrations and will need to get in, deploy and get out quickly and safely
 - Support capapilities, anything it can do to support landing forces would be a plus such as direct fire weapons, artillery, smoke etc.
 - Recovery capability would be a plus - e.g. 2 light vehicle bays for lift hoist VTOLs

This is intended to be a specialist vessel in part of a larger fleet operation so the vessel does not need to be self supporting long term - no need for large general purpose cargo bays or generous crew quarters for all personnel.  Especially if this vessel has lift VTOLs which can easily restock from tender craft.  Willing to look at a wide variety of size/cost/tech level/concepts as well as consider ideas around what might be useful design considerations.