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i'm going with gross overanalysis of a one-off comment on stage by tired devs

It's not the first time it's been said in con interviews afaik <.<
I fail to see where I wrote “all the Clan fans”. You can simply just acknowledge that your statement was wrong instead of trying to go for a gotcha! moment. ;)

Hence why I said I agree with the point, so not sure why this is being repeated back to me. Either way, I’ve made my point and I’m done here. Just had to respond to the salt. ;)

I've not slept properly in 3 days. I actually removed most of that post because I thought I'd repeated it back in the 2nd half of the original. lmao
General BattleTech Discussion / ~qa1
« Last post by tassa_kay on Today at 21:42:54 »
I'm just curious how people could be fans of the third SL

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'll give you my reasons for liking it: it's the culmination of not only the Dark Age storyline, which I've followed in realtime since MWDA launched and is the era that I'm most invested it, but of the larger metaplot of the Clans themselves, which I'm primarily a fan of over non-Clan factions. After decades of narrative stagnation both in and out of universe, the Clans have finally been given the opportunity to realize their dream of conquering Terra and create a Star League based on their own (albeit twisted I'm sure, but that's half the fun IMO) vision, and that's very exciting to me. Plus there's the fact that my favorite surviving BattleTech character is the Commanding General of the new SLDF, which will see Wolves, Falcons, Ravens, and even the resurrected Jaguars fighting alongside each other in a way that the Clans have not generally done before.

Liao who outside of the WoB almost killing off Sun-Tzu and a few RotS hiccups has been essentially on a winning spree since the 4th SW unlike every other major faction which have all faced existential issues.

Sure, if you ignore the Jihad, the first war with the Republic, the Victoria War and the Capellan Crusades. Throw some of that salt over at the Combine or the Scorpion Empire where it actually belongs.

i'm going with gross overanalysis of a one-off comment on stage by tired devs

Would it even be BattleTech if we didn't have multi-page threads of nitpicking and pearl-clutching? :laugh:
From TRO 3145: Mercs, 1st paragraph of the entry-

The Raven merchant caste saw enough
potential in the Gossamer to broker an export
agreement with Clan Sea Fox, leaving the
Alliance to produce the Gossamer and the Foxes
to distribute it. It has proven a wildly successful
export in use throughout the Inner Sphere.

The only limit on sales explicitly mentioned is the Draconis Combine, yet it is not it mercs until ilClan with just the Dragoons.
Vtols going to have some kind of flight stick, or are they glued to the hexes like that?

It was mentioned in the PAX thread they are mounted on the base but have the stick and you can swap.
Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures X: Underway on Nuclear Power
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 21:28:20 »

USS Bismarck Sea (CVE-95) loading Douglas SBD Dauntless Dive bombers from a barge, 1944.
Those are all in the Air Force, the Land Force doesn't operate aircraft except for drone scouts.
But, if a planet was as underdefended as some people have suggested, they wouldn't need to.  Assaulting the capitol, for whatever reason, with a lance or even a company of Mechs, should be tantamount to suicide.

  I'm not sure what underdefended means in this context though.  If 10 planets pool together a fifth of their defense budgets to assemble a pirate/privateer force to raid 1 planet that 1 planet is going to be overwhelmed and outspent by a factor of two to one.  How many planets worth of attackers should 1 properly defended planet be able to repel?

  On the other hand the interstellar bottleneck does work in favor of the defender as you don't have to pay for jumpships and dropships so it might take a larger coalition of parents to assemble a force to overwhelm the defenses of a single planet.  I do like the idea of pirate raiders being kitted out for raiding rather conquering, so going heavy on the aerospace in order to make it to and from the planet but light on the ground forces because they only need local ground superiority to get what they want.
I am a fan of the 3rd Star League.
Sweet looking box art!
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