Author Topic: The Long Dark Night of Liao, 3134: A long form, large scale Map-Based campaign  (Read 2039 times)


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Long time forum user Kojak and myself have been plotting and planning for several months now to get a big map-based campaign going based on the Fall/Liberation of Liao in 3134 during the early Dark Age Liao Incursion. I'm a Republic sympathizer with a penchant for tragic stands, he's a dyed-in-the-wool Capellan eager to "evict the squatters," and we both share an appreciation for large scale games and operational scale campaigns. When I say large scale, we spent about two weeks in forcebuilding and the basic map scale unit of this campaign is a company, so the smallest possible battle is 12 units to a side, barring attritional force degradation. After several months of planning and life getting in the way, we managed to get it off the ground these past few weeks, with the campaign website found here to track our progress.

The first battle just wrapped up, being one half of the initial Capellan landings. The full force of the 2nd MAC detachment sent as forward raiders to the world has hit the mountainous mining city of Mau-Ti, supported by home grown local insurgents. In the first battle, one light company of the V Triarii was forced to defend their operations base from two companies of MAC raiders and a company of local miners with Liaoist sympathies and smuggled in weapons. It was a very fun and memorable game that turned in some very unexpected ways. The battle report for it can be found here.

Next up is going to be the second part of the landing actions, with the other half of the MAC Augmented Battalion and yet more insurgents taking on the company of Liao Republic Standing Guard troops garrisoning Mau-Ti proper.