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BattleMechs / Design Challenge: Succession wars Era ICE Battlemechs.
« Last post by Izzy193 on Today at 04:47:22 »
Must use a ICE Engine.
Time period is 3025-3048.
All weapons and equipment available in that period is useable by the ICE battlemech as according to construction rules.
You may make either a clean sheet design or make a ICE variant of an existing design.
Role of the mech is up to you, but one entry per a weight bracket.

Scenario: you are an engineer in a fledgeling solaris stable, you're task was to make a easy to maintain mech that can withstand the rigors of solaris matches. however with the budget you have you could not afford a fusion engine, the budget is forcing you to use a more common Internal combustion engine commonly found in tanks and other vehicles. As such you have made the concession that you're design will have flaws in it. But this is Solaris, flashy works over efficiency in some cases.

Code: [Select]
Crusader CRD-3P
Base Tech Level: Experimental (IS)
Level                Era                                         
Experimental         2463+ (Age of War -)                       
Advanced             -                                           
Standard             3025+ (Late Succession Wars - Renaissance -)
Tech Rating: D/X-E-D-C

Weight: 65 tons
BV: 1,131
Cost: 3,011,498 C-bills
Source: (Unknown)
Role: None

Movement: 3/5
Engine: 195 ICE
Heat Sinks: 10
Cockpit: Standard Cockpit
Gyro: Standard Gyro

Internal: 104
Armor: 192/211 (Standard)
                     Internal  Armor   
Head                     3       9     
Center Torso            21       30     
Center Torso (rear)              9     
Right Torso             15       21     
Right Torso (rear)               6     
Left Torso              15       21     
Left Torso (rear)                6     
Right Arm               10       18     
Left Arm                10       18     
Right Leg               15       27     
Left Leg                15       27     

Weapons         Loc      Heat   
Medium Laser     RA        3     
Medium Laser     LA        3     
LRM 5            RA        2     
LRM 5            RA        2     
LRM 5            LA        2     
LRM 5            LA        2     
Machine Gun      RT        0     
SRM 2            RA        2     
SRM 2            LA        2     

Ammo                     Loc  Shots 
LRM 5 Ammo                LT    24   
Machine Gun Ammo [Half]   RT   100   
SRM 2 Ammo                LT    50   

Above is an example of a ICE mech.
Ground Combat / Re: Are there any "Trooper" assault mechs?
« Last post by GoGo Yubari on Today at 04:41:56 »
The 3/5 units are behind by 1 hex, walk or run. That's not really an issue given BT engagement ranges. There
are also several 4/6 units equipped for a variety of options in this list, especially the later models of the Grand Crusader. Several units of the 3/5 have jump jets to help get over terrain, including having IJJs for 5 MPs. Tie them in with a C3 network and you have even less issue, especially if you're using ECCM/ECM rules.

It isn't entirely about in tactical combat speed though, but time to target (or away from target). Each point of difference is an additional ~10 km between parts of the unit in an hour when marching and that's pretty significant. Of course, the faster units can slow to accommodate their slower partners, but that's an hour and/or 10 km they could be trooper-ing around instead of covering their heavier brethren.
Fan Scenarios and Campaigns / AAR (T13-T16)
« Last post by gwaedin on Today at 04:19:53 »
The Republican Jenner joins the Spider in its push to explore the eastern hills. The Awesome tries to finish the enemy scout firing several times, but its PPC repeatedly fail to strike the nimble light ‘Mech as it jumps around. The damaged engine of the Atlas forces it to use volley fire; instead of wasting precious shooting opportunities on the hard-to-target lights, it definitively cripples the Cataphract by taking out some fire control systems and weapons, and then destroys one of the Catapult’s LRMs. The two FWL ‘Mechs take a bit more damage, but their armor resist so far. However, the Trebuchet finally finds the hidden HQ at coordinates 1410. The Vindicator and the Jenner immediately open fire, even as the whole of the Republican forces begins to retreat with covering fire. The HQ is still standing and all the units involved in the fight are still operative, but everything is almost falling apart and soon rubble and wreckage will litter the battlefield. While the HQ looks doomed, the outcome of the battle is uncertain. Will the attackers safely retreat after destroying their objective, or will the defenders make them pay a dear price for it? Assuming that the Atlas and Awesome will resist, since their fall would spell disaster for the Marik forces.
Fan Fiction / Re: Opalescent Reflections
« Last post by Sir Chaos on Today at 04:02:35 »
Minor quibble: You´re using male pronouns for Dagmar Lahiri, but Dagmar is a German female first name.
I think they siad the hold ups were the cookbook and the Art of War physical books, which means it absolutely applies to all of those folks who backed at Regiment+ or got one of those as an add-on. I'm not an expert on packing or shipping by any means but it seems possible that trying to sort out at this point which orders can go ahead and get packed up and do those early might actually cause enough disruption that it becomes not worth it.  I personally would love it if my order that did not contain those items were handled earlier becuase of this, but I can understand that this might not be practical, and getting my plastic crack a couple of weeks later will not, in fact, harm me in any way. 
Good point, thanks! :)
Fan Fiction / Re: Opalescent Reflections
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 03:45:11 »
It's funny "Kerensky is worse" when Enders beat her too.. ;D
Off Topic / Re: What did you just eat?
« Last post by Triptych on Today at 03:43:35 »
Lentil mush (I like to cook lentils until they turn into baby food), eggs over easy on walnut wheat bread.
Fan Fiction / Re: It's a family curse.
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 03:14:28 »
B Positive is a GREAT joke! :D
The Mackie had received upgrades all through the SLDF, and a few were on the Exodus Fleet as operational machines.

Yup. The Mackie got upgrades all through the Star League era.
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