Author Topic: Fan Scenarios and Campaigns Rules  (Read 5671 times)


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Fan Scenarios and Campaigns Rules
« on: 17 February 2021, 16:48:15 »
Welcome to the Fan Scenarios and Campaigns board!  After some recent inquiries and discussions, the forum moderation staff has decided to open a new subforum for fan-generated Chaos Campaign tracks, scenarios, or campaign outlines.  If you've got that kind of thing, post it here.

Please note that while this notice is primarily focused on the classic tabletop game, custom adventures for A Time of War or Alpha Strike scenarios are absolutely welcome as well.

What this board IS NOT:
  • Canon: Although CGL-affiliated persons might post some personal material here, nothing posted here is official.  You're welcome to use the materials here or share but nothing posted here is officially sanctioned by CGL in any fashion beyond giving you a place to post it.  If that's not clear enough, someone can theoretically write a Hello Kitty-themed track and post it and it will have the same exact status as your own works.
  • Fan Designs: Custom units often turn up in tracks and scenarios.  That's fine.  We do ask that you place the designs themselves in the appropriate sub-forum with a link.  This makes it easier for people who prefer to avoid seeing custom units (some authors, for instance) to mingle and look over campaign tracks.
  • Canon Designs: This should be obvious but don't post official material in here, even if it's logically part of the scenario materials.  Yes, it might be handy to have the record sheet for the WHM-6R handy, but that doesn't make it legal.