Author Topic: (Answered) Is ammunition for field guns locked to a specific gun?  (Read 957 times)


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Tactical Operations (old omnibus edition, corrected second printing) page 310/311, "Field Guns"

Each field gun a platoon is equipped with comes with a ton of ammunition.  Is this ammunition 'locked' to a specific weapon, or can it be used by any of the operational guns?

Examples for clarity:
A field gun platoon is equipped with 3 AC5s, with one ton selected as flak and the other two as standard.  Can all three guns draw from the flak ammo to make three attacks against a passing VTOL or aircraft?  Or just the one gun the ton is assigned to?

Same platoon, after the flak ammo has been expended.  Can all three guns now draw on the standard ammo, or just the remaining two?
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Re: Is ammunition for field guns locked to a specific gun?
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It can be used by any of the operational guns.
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