Author Topic: (Answered) Heat Dissipation in Alpha Strike  (Read 2595 times)


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(Answered) Heat Dissipation in Alpha Strike
« on: 07 October 2023, 11:56:34 »
Hi, I am trying to make sure that I understand the rules for heat venting in Alpha Strike.

Is the only way of venting heat outside of water not to make a weapon attack?

For example, if my mech uses OV2, then the next turn it will be at 2 heat, if in that next turn it makes a standard attack without using OV, will the mech remain at 2 heat for every subsequent turn until it holds fire for one turn?
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Re: Heat Dissipation in Alpha Strike
« Reply #1 on: 07 October 2023, 18:07:31 »
Yes.  Not making a weapons attack is how you reduce your heat level.  There‚Äôs a couple specials/conditions that can affect your heat (water, extreme cold, RHS), but the only generally available option is to not make a weapons attack.
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