Author Topic: (Answered) Is choice of target hex secret for indirect artillery fire?  (Read 271 times)


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Indirect artillery hex selection, at the time of firing it, is phrased as "recorded" and there is a lot of debate about whether that record is secret from the opponent. 

TacOps advanced rules pg 149: "During the Targeting Phase of a turn, a player wishing to make an indirect artillery attack may select and record the map hex numbers that he wishes his artillery to fire on that turn."

Is the target hex and time of landing public knowledge?
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Re: Is choice of target hex secret for indirect artillery fire?
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TacOps:Advanced Rules p150 "During the Indirect Artillery Attack Phase, players announce artillery attacks due to land in that turn and resolve the effects of their fire."

Target locations are kept secret until then.

Note that counter-battery rules fire reveal where the firing artillery is located. With that info the player on the receiving end can work out flight times, but not targeted locations.

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Thank you for the rapid reply!