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Centaur NC- Slight Tweak
« on: 11 November 2021, 11:11:46 »
A slight tweak to the standard Centaur to make it even more multi-role. Made for my Nova Cat second line force, hence the NC designation.
The Micro Pulse helps boost up the damage compared to the ER Micro and also makes a Point of Centaur NC a potent anti infantry threat- something my proto force of standard Satyrs, Rocs and Gorgons otherwise lacks. This is achieved by downgrading the SRM2 into an SRM1. The remaining spare weight goes into a point more armour on the legs and torso- every little helps!

What do people think?

Centaur NC
Base Tech Level: Standard (Clan)
Weight: 5 tons
BV: 200
Cost: 760,987.5 C-bills
Movement: 6/9
Internal: 12
Armor: 22

Head: 1/3
Torso: 5/8
Right Arm:1/2
Left Arm: 1/2
Legs: 3/5
Main Gun: 1/2

SRM 1: T
LRM 3: T
Micro Pulse Laser: MG


LRM 3 Ammo: BD, 8 shots
SRM 1 Ammo: BD, 10 shots