Author Topic: Prototype RAC/5: The FAE-4 "Fury"  (Read 262 times)


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Prototype RAC/5: The FAE-4 "Fury"
« on: 21 May 2024, 17:12:59 »

Designation: FAE-4 “Fury” RAC/5
Classification: Prototype 4-Shot Class-5 Rotary Autocannon
Production Year: 3040
Cost: 250,000 C-Bills (Unloaded), 9000 C-Bills (Per Ton of Ammo)
Weight: 12 Tons
Critical spaces: 8
Damage: 5/Shot
Heat: 1/Shot
Range: 0/5/10/15
Ammo: 20 per 1 ton
BV2: 185, 20 (Ammo)
Special: Up to 4 shots per round, +2 on Cluster Table Rolls, Jamming renders the weapon disabled for the rest of the battle.
After the time period of the War of 3039, Hamric Industries was reaping immense benefits from trade agreements with the Lothian League for its vast stores of mined metals. Around the same time, Jacob Hamric, being a seasoned weapons designer and technician by that point, began looking at making a mark on the industry. Though the FWL had an abundance of Large Laser production, and Hamric Industries could not reliably mass produce PPC's for the FWL AND Lothian League, Jacob tapped into a niche in the local market; advancing Autocannon production.

Working alongside his father, Bartholomew Hamric, and the minds at Flatwell Armaments Experimental Division, they began working on a more advanced design for the Ultra AC/5, looking to improve it's rate of fire. At first the roadblocks came with jamming and overheating of the gunbarrels due to the higher rates of fire, and material not suitable or sturdy enough to reduce such flaws at a reliable weight. However, using a specially designed three-ring-sleeve to help cool the barrels as they spun, keeping the maximum fire rate lowered, and reinforcing the design with heavier materials, they were able to produce a moderately reliable prototype that could fire at four times the rate of a normal autocannon, while keeping its jamming risks moderately low and improving the grouping of its shots.

Unfortunately, the use of heavier materials resulted in the weapon weighing the same as a Class 10 Autocannon, while also being slightly bigger. Jamming rendering the weapon disabled still remained an issue, and with so much weight dedicated to the design, a single unlucky jam could spell disaster in a prolonged battle. The flaws of its weight, limited rate of fire, and risk of battlefield jamming made it difficult to market to those who judged it at first glance. With the edition of Comstar pushing forward negative reviews of the design to limit its appeal and thus potential widespread use, this resulted in a low demand for the weapon and damning it to remain a limited-run production as opposed to mass-producing it.

It remained a specialized weapon utilized by Hamric's Hammers, FWL planets close by Huntington, friendly Logan Prime forces, and gutsy mercenaries looking to add more dazzle to their mechs.
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