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That's not to even get into all the propaganda Terrans have been fed for probably a century at this point about the nightmarish Clanners who want to conquer them. In most of their minds Alaric and Malvina are one in the same, both from the same system with all the same capabilities.

except how much anti-clan propagnada WHERE Terrans fed under the Republic? Remember the clans where part of the colaition, and there where clan enclaves in the ROTS so chances are for the bulk of the Republic's life, the anti-clan propaganda hasnt likely been partiuclarly strong eaither way. until fairly recently, now with that said, here's what Propaganda we know Terra has had FOR CENTURIES.

It doesn't matter what the regime was, comstar, the word of blake, the republic, and now the clans, the message has always been the same "the great houses tore apart the star league, and destroyed the hegemony, they'll come for you too and only we can protect you"

This ahs been a CONSTANT in terran propaganda of EVERY regime since the fall of the Star League. that the great houses are bloody handed, bloody minded conquerers who will move in, conquer and strip terra of all that is "good and great" Comstar, the word, the republic and all the clans provide a alternative to being conquered by a great house, a chance to protect Terra, and maybe just maybe, one day when the oppertunity arises to "Restore Terra to it's rightful position" in fact comstar and the word for centuries basicly promised they'd restroe the star league when the time was right, the ROTS offered an alterntive of "well maybe we can manage to live in peace" (an alternative that failed. when the ROTS was weak, the houses pounced) but ultimately still had the vision of a "terra lead inner sphere" the wolves will simply promise the same, and "this time we'll do so with military force". And it's something the Terrans might just get behind. I can certainly see them siding with the wolves against the Capellans, for those yammering about propaganda etc, kindly remember that the clans where coalition members, settled enclaves in the Republic etc.

Meanwhile the Capellans have always been the enemy.

Let's not forget how the Wolves burned down the jungles of Vietnam to uncover the hidden troops. And unlike the real Vietnam War it worked. Yes that was a byproduct of war but you think people will forget this desecration of their home planet? Oh and don't forget how they burned down parts of Canada during the trial

And let's not forget the massive ruin that is Geneva or how how the Falcons treated Terra. Yes those were Falcons but on the other hand you might get a "clanner are techno fascists regardless what furry animal they stitch on their unforms" sentiment. And then there is this: WHO got the Falcons to Terra? That was Alaric. We know from Ilclan that several messages are spread all over Terra and this is one of them. So you might get a "Oh it was this ****** that brought the mongols here?" sentiment.

And let's not forget how the Wolves treat their Empire subjects. EA gave a look into that and Redemption Rites extended on that. Like that young Dragoon adoptee who said his family was disowned by the Wolves despite them fulfilling the Wolves demands. And it also shows that you might have a ticking time bomb on your hand as he stated I would have made it into the warriors ranks and then make things right. Making things right from his sensibilities vs Clan sensibilities. A conflict that Alaric or whoever will lead in the future will have to solve lest you get a new civil war.   
Like the A. but I'd not bother with the A-pods when you have SPLs. How much does MASC weigh?
So why not add it to your daily routine? Play heardle game every day, and let the music move you!
A WIGE mobile unit would be pretty cool! :)
Regarding the "slaughter" of civilians in Australia. We are told that it was a small settlement, and Alaric gave them an hour to evacuate before destroying the "largely abandoned" settlement. Same in South East Asia where a village poisoned food supplies. Not ideal but way, way less bad than the Jade Falcons executing everyone who surrendered regardless of their actions.
You talk about island worlds, and i start thinking monster of the caspian sea... A local based merc unit, of course, but merc none the less...
The way Clan Wolf Elementals shut down the Terran News shows upon Stone's surrender isn't going to do them any favors either.

Those weren't Wolves, those were Falcons.
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Fallout, on the third episode now. One of my favourite weapons (Ripper!) is already in use.
Obviously these have much more in common with the new Fallouts (3, NV, and especially 4) than the originals (I refuse to think of how many hours I've spent on Fallout 2) but I'm not complaining.
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