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BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Crescent Hawks
« Last post by MarauderD on Today at 11:03:53 »
Great job.  Agree with folks above:  love the colors, minis, and nostalgia from the 80s.  Great work man!
Hobby Tips and Tricks / Re: AK Interactive Real Colors Markers
« Last post by Ghaz on Today at 11:01:22 »
Note that they're up for preorder at Michigan Ty Soldier Company at $3.99 for one marker and $11.99 for a set of three markers (you might need to search for 'markers' in order to find them).
except how much anti-clan propagnada WHERE Terrans fed under the Republic? Remember the clans where part of the colaition, and there where clan enclaves in the ROTS so chances are for the bulk of the Republic's life, the anti-clan propaganda hasnt likely been partiuclarly strong eaither way. until fairly recently, now with that said, here's what Propaganda we know Terra has had FOR CENTURIES.

Meanwhile the Capellans have always been the enemy.
We have Stone in HotW saying he’d done his work and made sure Alaric would find Terra a hostile planet. This would be right before death-by-pillow. It’s one data point, but also the only data point regarding Terra we have near this timeframe.

Which, either Stone is talking about a decade of propaganda vilifying Wolves (maybe all the clans outside the sphere. Dunno) or he’s talking about efforts he put in place pre-retirement (so pre-3130]. Not actually sure.

What’s that mean? Well, Terra should hate the wolves, falcons, nuJags (doesn’t matter really if public knows they were once Fidelis or not), and Capellans. Wolves might manage a “lesser of two evils” to recruit a few against Capellans, but it depends heavily on how CGL decides Alaric tried to run Terra.
Ignore, misread something.
Fight dirty, sadly that mostly doesn't transfer across to the tabletop but.
Minefields with 500kg pressure sensors so your troops can run safely across while elementals go pop
Firing from within buildings to maximize outgoing fire and minimize return fire
If they come into the building to even the odds, detonate the demolition charges and lose your 5 guys for their 5 elementals
If they go into the building across the street to get cover, detonate THOSE demo charges
Deep, thick, grippy mud, and planks for humans to cross.
Intentionally weakening the upper floors in buildings and go upstairs.  Cover the ground floor in mines to deal with the falling elementals
Jump Infantry with long range weapons, most elementals can only reach beyond 90m with limited ammunition SRMs, once those are dry they can be held outside their engagement range and slowly ground away.
Field guns, especially artillery and artillery cannons.  Elementals move pretty slow and infantry can be excellent spotters.  AOE is deadly to PA.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: SLOT Virus
« Last post by Metallgewitter on Today at 10:00:08 »
Tucker Harvell had a possible solution when he calibrated the new HPG core for the Wyatt HPG which was adjusting the power for the sudden data spikes that fried so many other cores. Funny enough he took the solution from Comstar Acolyte songs which were in essence work instructions enhanced with church music (or rather serene music) Though apparently this solution could not be replicated. Not sure, if even the Wyatt HPG is still running.

Other then that there was a mention in either the Final reckoning or Hotspot Terra book that mentioned a weaponized HPG which was first developed by the League and then restarted by the Word of Blake but this research was abandoned again by the Word as it seemed to have been too expensive and complex. Might have been something similar to the SLOT virus.
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 36: SAY WHAT AGAIN!!!
« Last post by Wrangler on Today at 09:18:17 »
Off Topic / Re: NHL 2023-2024 Vegas Edition: Mojave, Mo' Problems
« Last post by Fat Guy on Today at 09:10:52 »
Well, somebody is going hoist the cup tonight.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Crescent Hawks
« Last post by Wasteland Warrior on Today at 09:09:59 »
Crescent Hawk's Inception on the C64 was also my first foray into the BattleTech.  I painted up a company's worth of them last year, and have a couple more lined up once the Merc's KS drops ... Chameleon is a must.  I totally agree on the new plastics, and the nostalgia of the original RP lance packs - I would snap up a somewhat ludicrous number of this one particularly if it was released with new minis.

Your Light Lance is looking great, can't wait to see more!
And you could bring some serious firepower with the carrying capacity of the Caspian SM!


Heck, the Lun class, which was built and served with the Soviet Navy, carried 100 tons plus a six-pack of anti-ship missiles.  That's enough for a pair of Grey Wolf MBTs and their crews if you scrap the SSMs.
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