Author Topic: (Answered) Mechanized Units and OMNI units being Destroyed  (Read 2627 times)


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With the rules for Mechanized Battle Armor on pg. 38, when the rules state MEC/XMEC units "are placed on the map immediately as if they had dismounted", are these units targettable in the same shooting phase that their transporting OMNI unit was destroyed?

In an adjacent question, since they are "placed as if they had dismounted" does that mean they get their half movement as per the Infantry Transports and Mechanized Battle Armor dismounting rules?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Mechanized Units and OMNI units being Destroyed
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The OMNI unit is not destroyed until the End Phase, so the units transported are dismounted immediately when it is destroyed in the End Phase.

No, they do not get to move.  Will look at possible errata there at a later time.
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