Author Topic: (Answered) Destruction of submarines and submerged units  (Read 2474 times)


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(Answered) Destruction of submarines and submerged units
« on: 04 February 2024, 11:30:16 »
In AS:CE's Damage chapter, in the section on underwater damage (p48) it states:
"If a completely submerged unit loses all of its armor, it automatically sinks and is destroyed."

Does this apply to submarines?

Rules As Written would be an obvious "yes", but the Koryu Submarine has no armour to begin with*, and most submarines have more than 1 structure (i.e. Moray, Neptune) which could imply they can survive past losing all armour.
Is the Koryu capable of diving because it didn't lose its armour, but never had any in the first place?
Or is it destroyed if it dives?
Perhaps there is an exception for submarines because they are made specifically to be submerged?

Fully expecting it to apply RAW, but would like to get it clarified, as I hope to use more submarines in the future.

Thanks in advance for the input.

* MegaMekLab's conversion report suggests the Koryu should have 1 point of armour, but I will post that in the relevant MUL feedback thread.
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Re: Destruction of submarines and submerged units
« Reply #1 on: 04 February 2024, 16:26:28 »
It must take take some damage to have considered to have "lost" its armor, if it never had any armor to start with.  But as soon as it takes damage, and is submerged, it's destroyed.

The Koryu does not have any armor.  MML is missing the BAR 3 affect on the armor.

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