Author Topic: MUL - Dire Wolf "Widowmaker"  (Read 1114 times)


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MUL - Dire Wolf "Widowmaker"
« on: 27 August 2023, 11:15:57 »
I see that Dire Wolf "Widowmaker" is listed in the MUL as widely available to a lot of factions. Does this mean that after Natasha Kerensky's death, the "Widowmaker" became a standard production configuration or is it a mistake on the part of the MUL?

If this is indeed intentional, and the "Widowmaker" did in fact become a standard production configuration, what is the possibility of other OmniMechs like Gargoyle "Conal" (just as an example) or Timber Wolf "Pryde" becoming standard production configurations? I can certainly picture a lot of Jade Falcon warriors copying Pryde's mech after his death.
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Re: MUL - Dire Wolf "Widowmaker"
« Reply #1 on: 27 August 2023, 15:18:11 »
A bit of background: The Widowmaker is a special case among unique omni configs as it appears on RATs in both FM: Crusader Clans and FM: Warden Clans. One can make a number of inferences about what might or might not happen in universe, but we require canon confirmation to make something tagged as unique more broadly available.

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