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Fan Fiction / Re: Danger Everywhere
« Last post by 2ndAcr on Today at 20:05:52 »
20 June 3050
Stars End

 Deep in the asteroid field, Captain Felicia Graves had spent th last two hours negotiating with the locals who ran the orbital repair facilities. She had been here twice before, it was the closest place to the Oberon Confederation to have any work done on Jumpships or Dropships. Word of the fighting on the surface had already reached those out here and that only made the locals more nervous.

 "Look, we can trade two Dropships to cover the conversion of the Overlord in addition to maintenance on our other Dropships. They are in need of new air scrubbers at the very least." Captain Felicia Graves said

 "Fighting with those here is not the best way to curry favor with us." The man replied

 "I can agree to that, but we did not come looking for a fight. Do the work, take the two Dropships as payment and we will leave as quick as we can." Captain Felicia Graves said

 "The conversion will take three months to complete, we have to enlarge the ships environmental systems and life support systems. Fabrication of the parts takes time. It cannot be done quicker. But, you must promise no more hostilities while you are here." The man replied

 "We will not start anything, but neither will we stand by and be threatened or attacked without defending ourselves. I must be clear on this." Captain Felicia Graves said

 "Agreed then. Your shuttle can handle transporting some of my people to the surface? They will begin work on your other ships air scrubbers and evaluating what other work needs to be completed. Also one of my pilots who will guide your crew to where we will work on the conversion." The man said

 "We can handle that. How soon can they be ready for departure?" Captain Felicia Graves asked

 "Within the hour." The man replied

 "Very well. Have them at my shuttle ready to depart in an hour." Captain Felicia Graves said

 Once back onboard the Clan shuttle, she relayed the deal to both Star Captain Branden and Major William Mitchell on the surface. Though the deal was expensive, it also washed away any hope of capturing one of the returning Jumpships for extra collar space.

 "Star Captain Branden, have the other shuttle bring down Point Commander Trishia and her troops. Keep the others with you. They will stay with our Overlord while it is being worked on up there with our crew as security. We will rotate them every month back to the surface or Excellence. Possibly every two weeks. I want every move they make watched closely by our engineers." Major William Mitchell ordered

27 July 3050

 The return of one of the Invader Jumpships that had departed with Major Walter Duboise was a surprise to everyone. It carried the two Leopard CV and nothing else. Communication was quickly established between Excellence and the returning Invader Jumpship.

 "It was a trap. We went to Icar. Comstar said the coast was clear and no Clan troops. Major Duboise took the Dropships down. The only reason the Leopards made it back to us was they stayed in orbit. I have no clue where the other Invader went when we jumped out. The last message from the surface was a simple RUN ITS A TRAP. We delayed just long enough to scoop the returning Leopards."
Translated properly to Viet and yes, very much yes.
All things considered, I think this is a good time to resurrect a song that Cannonshop first used over a decade ago in a situation much like this.

I swear, I think the Ngoverse is tailor-made for this song.

Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander

Axes flash, broadsword swing!
Shining armor's piercing ring!
Horses run with polished shield!
Fight those bastards 'till they yield!
Midnight mare and blood red roan
Fight to keep this land your own!
Sound the horn and call the cry:

Follow orders as you're told
Make their yellow blood run cold!
Fight until you die or drop!
A force like ours is hard to stop!
Close your mind to stress and pain!
Fight 'til you're no longer sane!
Let not one damn cur pass by!

Guard your women and children well!
Send these bastards back to Hell!
We'll teach them the ways of war!
They won't come here any more!
Use your shield and use your head!
Fight 'til everyone is dead!
Raise the flag up to the sky!

Dawn is broke, the time has come-
Move your feet to a marching drum!
We'll win the war and pay the toll-
Fight as one in heart and soul!
Midnight mare and blood red roan
Fight to keep this land your own!
Sound the horn and call the cry:
Ah man, I saw that newsletter and I figuratively sprinted to the webstore in hopes of getting a Taurian shirt. Alas, they are not there. Not that it will stop me from adding a Steiner shirt and a couple beginner box sets of mechs (the Wolverine only being AGOAC is a shame!).....

I think the picture is wrong- those are not Clan Invasion shirts but Merc shirts.  Avanti's Angels, the wolf/coyote howling, and Arano were not in Clan Invasion IIRC.
Completed both the Phoenix Protocol and Advent Phase 1
made some progress in Metroid Prime Remastered, manage to defeat the giant Sheegoth and got the wave beam.
Age seemed niche.  It was pretty popular model-wise and certainly in the games.
Fan Articles / Re: MotW: Vulcan
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 18:54:02 »
Nerd hit it right on the head!  The GM started to suggest that the turret could use Extreme Range Rules, and we pointed out we could too... ;)
Fan Fiction / Re: Guided by the light of a (Red) Cameron Star
« Last post by crestrunner on Today at 18:53:23 »
I can see one major set of goals that NIOPs and the SLDF will have. That is to have a Navy, Army, and enough replacement programs to fight the whole Clan forces.

What's going to really piss the clanners off is that the new NIOPS Hegemony with a Wolverine/SLDF military is on the wrong side of the IS. It would take at least another 18 months to over two years to circumnavigate the IS completely to attack them, so they're effectively unassailable unless they somehow steamroll through everyone.  That's extremely unlikely with NIOPS most likely playing the role of well armed arsenal of democracy er freedom er the people less bad than Nicky's cult.

Trying to get at them by going around the IS would just about double their supply lines, and while theoretically they could try going through abandoned or empty systems within the IS, it would be extremely risky given that there could be pirates, smugglers or other unregistered/off the grid colonies in some of those systems, and the various Great Houses probably have some occasional patrols through those systems or some hidden military, intelligence gathering or other clandestine resources that have been kept off the official maps.  Even worse, the phone company has similar assets throughout, and it would only take tripping over one to blow the whole operation.  It's not like anyone has forgotten that the SLDF and Hegemony routinely hid things in uninhabited systems frequently.
So I got thru the first Movie and started the 2nd though its getting difficult to grind thru this series; and that's A shame because I'm a huge UC Gundam fan more than any of the other timelines.

It says that Tomino wrote the series but ill be perfectly frank, I'm not seeing his style of writing in this at all. Bellri does not fit with other UC main Gundam protagonists and is really hard to take seriously as even a Gundam pilot at this point. The female characters so far are also hard to take seriously and seem like carbon copies of Fraw, Cagalli,and even Sayla in some aspects. I am also still confused by the plot; if this timeline takes place after the UC era, I feel like they should have done a better job of explaining how the new era came to be. I really don't like the animation style at all; it seems way too flashy in a ways.

As for Turn A; I watched it years ago but was kind of meh on it. While the setting was kind of interesting with the tech of the world receeding to a pre-industrial state, I couldn't connect that much to the characters too much. Plus the Turn A still looks ugly to me.

I'm surprised Gundam Age has yet to be uploaded; though I've heard nothing but negative things about the series.
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