Author Topic: Welcome to Ask the Writers - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING  (Read 25815 times)


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Welcome to Ask the Writers - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING
« on: 09 September 2015, 10:48:53 »
Welcome to the Ask the Writers Board.

The Ask the Writers board is the place for fans of BattleTech to gain additional insight into the published BattleTech fictional universe, story and their favorite BattleTech products. Catalyst encourages members to post the kind of "Why did you?..." questions for the writing staff, or to gain additional insight into their work.

We ask members to remember when posting in this board that all questions regarding future products and storyline will not be answered. The Ask the Writers board is available to provide insight and clarification for the published BattleTech universe. 

For questions or concerns regarding BattleTech the availability of previously published products, please email Catalyst Game Labs directly. Questions regarding Product Street Dates, Future Product Releases and other production-related queries will not be answered.   

Catalyst Game Labs also asks forum members to allow our staff time to review a published post. CGL has a staff with multiple responsibilities and on-going projects, and we answer posts on a case-by-case basis with an eye towards accuracy. So we ask for and thank you for your patience.

Members are asked not to post questions regarding game rules in this board. Questions regarding the BattleTech game and rules should be posted in the appropriate Rules Questions or Errata Board.

Lastly, questions regarding Ironwind Metals Miniatures, BattleCorps Shop or Account should be directed to their appropriate support apparatus.
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