Author Topic: Dark Age Scenario - Showdown on Callison  (Read 1665 times)


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Dark Age Scenario - Showdown on Callison
« on: 17 February 2021, 18:17:29 »

YEAR: 3148
FACTIONS: Republic Loyalists, Republic Remant, Fidelis
MAP RECOMMENDATIONS: 2x1 (the two Dropport maps from Map Pack 7 work nicely here)

Scoring is as follows:
  • Both Republic teams begin the game with five points. Every turn, each team will gain an additional one point.
  • Every Republic (not Fidelis) unit destroyed earns their side one point.

The Fidelis team begins the game as a neutral party. Each Republic team must attempt to convince the Fidelis team to join their side by gifting them points. If both Republic teams offer the same number of points, the Fidelis team may choose which Republic team to ally themselves with. This alliance is not final—if, on a following turn, the Fidelis' current opponent offers more points than had previously been offered, the Fidelis team may choose to switch allegiances.

The game ends after one of the Republic sides surrenders, is completely destroyed, or cedes the board. Forced Withdrawal rules are in effect, and any unit forced to retreat from the map counts as a point for the purpose of scoring (if it is indeterminate which team dealt the damage leading to the Forces Withdrawl, simply give each implicated team half a point).


Republic Loyalists - Stone's Defenders
  • Kheper KPH-7R, 3/5 pilot
  • Lament LMT-2R, 3/4 pilot
  • Doloire DLR-O, 4/5 pilot
  • Phoenix Hawk PXH-8CS, 4/5 pilot

Republic Remnant - VII Hastati Sentinels
  • Marader MAD-7R, 4/3 pilot
  • King Crab KGC-011, 3/4 pilot
  • Night Stalker, 2/4 pilot
  • Nyx NX-100, 2/3 pilot

  • Warhammer IIC 11, 4/4 pilot
  • Osprey OSP-26, 2/4 pilot


If all players agree, both Republic teams may be given a commanding unit. Stone's Defenders receive an Atlas II AS7-D-H with a 3/4 pilot (representing Jonah Levin), while the VII Hastati receive a Black Knight BLK-NT-5H with a 3/4 pilot (representing Damian Redburn). Both commanding units are not obliged to follow Force Withdrawl rules.

Any team that destroys an opposing commanding unit receives an addition two points for the kill (for a total of three).

Notes: this scenario was first played out with more players and more advanced units. Things scale up rather well; if you have five or six players, simply add two additional units to the Republic teams while adding one to the Fidelis. I'd personally recommend only allowing one player to play as the Fidelis to simplify the scenario. In addition, if scaling the scenario for more players, always make sure to never give the Fidelis player enough units to simply win on their own—they should always be forced to ally themselves with another team in order to eke out a win.[/list]
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