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Clan Invasion: Barcelona
« on: 26 February 2021, 02:27:45 »

Had an excellent multiplayer game of MegaMek on Sunday as part of the Clan Invasion "A Chaos Campaign Guide to Barcelona."

The Clan Jade Falcon, Falcon guards moved in from the south of the Barcelona capital city of Mariah's Pinnacle.  The 17th Skye Rangers RCT sent a reaction force from the Salamanca FireBase to the north to intercept the falcons before they could secure the Senate Building, home of the Barcelona Planetary Government.  A small planetary militia force protected the city.  The DropShip Starbird flew in over the city and deployed 3 Stars of Elementals to engage the militia while the front line Falcon OmniMechs moved in from the south.

Barrages of indirect LRM fore from the Rangers LRM Carriers rained down on the Falcons and managed to claim one Viper in the first seconds of the battle.  The Falcon Mechs moved through the city using the buildings as cover, while the militia acted as spotters for the LRMs.

The fight was fierce! A Falcon TimberWolf destroyed a storage tanker of Biogas causing a huge explosion that consumed a Ranger Hunchback and Crusader, touching off ammo explosions.  A Falcon StormCrow was also caught in the blast, managing to stay standing until a Dervish unloaded twin LRM racks into its Central Torso, coring out the OmniMech.  A 17th Skye Ranger's Victor smashed the leg actuator of the TimberWolf, and as it jumped away it's leg gave way causing the 75-ton OmniMech to crash to the ground.  The TrueBorn MechWarrior soon righted the Mech and began and to retrograde towards the Senate building.

Two Falcon Vipers jumped past the Rangers lines on a seek and destroy mission.  They isolated and killed both LRM Carriers then with a kick through the back doors destroyed the Rangers Mobile HQ.

Elementals battled Mechanised infantry.  Using the buildings for cover, they appeared, loosing their full salvo of SRM's before disappearing back into the buildings.  Machine gun equipped Elementals cut through the Mechanised Infantry platoons.

On the east side of town, an epic battle between two older Warhammer WHM-6D's and a Falcon TimberWolf S and Gladiator played out.  The Timberwolf MechWarrior jumped right in between the two Warhammers at point-blank range.  At that range, the Warhammers PPC inhibitors rendered their large weapons useless as the TimberWolf tore through one of the War Hammers then jumped away, right into the path of a Crusader.  In a huge alpha strike, the Crusader exploded as its ammo bins went up.

The Clan Jade Falcon forces secured the Senate Building before the governor could flee at the end of Turn 8.