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Repeating your Trial of Position
« on: 10 May 2022, 11:34:03 »
While Aidan Pryde infamously obtained an unheard of second Trial of Position/Blooding among the Jade Falcons, other Clans routinely offer second chances. While some specifically say it's in another branch, others like the Smoke Jaguars (Invading Clans p. 50) aren't clear on the matter.

System-wise my question is how is a retest handled with Life Modules? If a MechWarrior retests for MechWarrior is there enough retraining given to increase skills? If a MechWarrior like Bjorn Jorgensen fails their MechWarrior Blooding and is sent to retrain as an Aerospace Pilot how much of that Trueborn Sibko module (AToW p. 69) duplicate? Fixed and Aerospace only? Aerospace only? Aerospace only minus the Custom Vehicle? Would they lose the +70 Vehicle they gained as a MechWarrior?

And finally this might be Errata, but the Note in Clan Warrior Washout module (AToW p. 75) has Ghost Bears washing out to Cavalry/Infantry but that's not what Bjorn Jorgensen did and nothing I've read makes it sound like Bjorn's journey was truly rule/norm breakingly exceptional.
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