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Gray Death Legion - 3151 Catapult
« on: 18 December 2023, 16:13:02 »
Hi, I recently purchased the GDL box set and wanted to do a small narrative campaign. I was interested to know which Catapult variant exactly does Nick Christensen pilot, if it has been revealed at all.

If I am not mistaken

Ronan - Gargoyle C
Isobel - Shadow Hawk 7H
Curtain - Regent Prime
Nick - Catapult ???

If I remember correctly the AS card lists a Catapult K2K on one side, which is extinct in the ilClan era, so I believe this one is meant for earlier periods, and a Catapult K6 on the other side. Catapult K6 is a missile variant, which does not match the mini that comes in the box. Now I know that Battletech is not WYSIWYG but it would be strange that all of the minis in the box match their respective variant except for this one.
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