Author Topic: Chaos Campaign: Succession Wars - Pursuit Track Questions  (Read 515 times)


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Chaos Campaign: Succession Wars - Pursuit Track Questions
« on: 11 December 2023, 18:54:04 »
I have two quick questions on the Pursuit Track in Chaos Campaign Succession Wars book.  Both on page 20.

Question 1: On three, or three and then go?
The Defender enters through their home edge 3 turns after the Attacker deploys, in Initiative order.
Does this mean the Defender enters on the beginning of Turn 3, or Turn 4?

Question 2: Determining the Victor
My read on this track is that the Attacker isn’t so much trying to escape as they are turning at bay and trying to avoid being driven into a worse situation.  There’s two objectives, Close The Noose [300 points, Defender only] and Hold the Field [100 points].  Bit of an edge case, but suppose the Defender scores Close the Noose, but the Attacker Holds the Field.  Is the next Track supposed to be Counterattack (pursuers were thrown back) or Defense (higher scoring objective)?