Author Topic: Machina Domini question related to IO:AE errata  (Read 337 times)


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Machina Domini question related to IO:AE errata
« on: 02 January 2024, 05:45:15 »
I have a couple of questions about the Machina Domini rules related to the rules as they are presented in the latest errata for Interstellar Operations - Alternate Eras.

1. Do the advantages and disadvantages of VDNI/EI still apply? (I assume not, because of the wording that "a “Machina Domini” BattleMech functions in accordance with standard rules" except for its own specific rules - plus how Protomechs also require EI/VDNI to function but do not gain the normal benefits from them. But the errata that Clan Machina Domini interface stops working if EI is disabled - presumably via a sensors hit - has made me question this, since the rule that EI stops working when sensors are damaged is not specifically part of the Machina Domini rules.)

2. For BV, I understand that the Interface Cockpit causes the 'mech to have a BV multiplier of 1.30x and that the pilot's VDNI/EI implants are given for free, as stated on page 187. However, the "Alternate Era Weapons and Equipment Battle Value Table" on page 190 lists the cost of the Interface Cockpit as a BV modifier of -1 piloting, -1 gunnery.

Is this skill modifier applied on top of the 1.30x BV multiplier for the 'mech?

(This feels like a "no" because page 187 makes no mention of the piloting/gunnery skill modifier. Also, the 1.30x multiplier is suspiciously-close to the 1.32x modifier from having a 3 gunnery, 4 piloting skill. Plus, I figure it would be weird to waive the cost for the implants and then just charge the same amount again anyway. And -1/-1 on top of the 1.30x modifier feels like double-dipping.)
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