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Two Names, One WarShip
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Oh great Loremasters of WarShips, but especially Chris Hartford and Loren Coleman who wrote the primary sections I'll talk about here.

Explorer Corps p. 53 tells us of a Clan Wolf Lola III guarding the Deep Periphery Transfer Point P9 named Okami, or "Wolf" in 3059.
Field Manual: Crusader Clans p. 139 says there's only one Lola III in the Clan Wolf fleet, Nature's Wrath and in 3059 it's patrolling between the Homeworlds and the Occupation Zone.

Nature's Wrath gets mentioned again in Field Manual: Updates, then Field Report: Clans reports it was lost to Clan Hell's Horses.
Okami is never mentioned again.

Given the similar missions and lack of further mentions for the Okami did some Combine Explorer Corps member just assign it a codeword ala Daishi/Dire Wolf? Are these the same vessel?
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