Author Topic: Word of Blake "gamma" phase AI  (Read 758 times)


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Word of Blake "gamma" phase AI
« on: 08 January 2024, 15:52:13 »
Hello. As WoB fan I was happy to read Ghosts of Obeedah, but it left me with a few questions, like: what are the mentioned colonies that "they had already started decades before" (personally, I believe it is about Rim Worlds Republic outposts), what will happen if human connect with AI by vehicular direct neural interface, and how big is "improved version" of Aegaeon (AI computer) that they took with them to colonies?

Battletech was almost always about humans, so I believe the issue of AI would be solved by hardware size, price, and in faction fighting. The Broken from Necromo Nightmare was capable of fitting in dropship, while Aegaeon was in building around 86 506m^3. With that in mind, I have pictures of floors filled with 90's computers, and a big ball core deep underground as the center of next AI version.


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Re: Word of Blake "gamma" phase AI
« Reply #1 on: 01 February 2024, 12:16:06 »
Hi szabrownik47!

Given the scope of the Ghosts of Obeedah product and similar Halloween/April Fools products, this is unlikely to be detailed.

If your mental picture of Aegaeon's hardware setup works for you, then run with it!
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