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Come to Lansing and meet Randall Bills, the Creative Director at Catalyst Game Labs, on the Michigan leg of his Operation Reunification Tour 2024.

Randall will be at Hoplite Games Thursday, March 28th at 5 p.m. to meet YOU and hopefully throw some dice with us while he's there. I'll have a game running that you can drop in and play while you're there, or just hang out with Randall and talk about Battletech, Shadowrun, and all the games they've produced over the years.

The particulars for the event are as follows:

Hoplite Games
2024 E Michigan Ave
Lansing, MI 48912

Event date and time:
Thursday, March 28, 2024
5 p.m. until 9 p.m.

Parking is located on the street around the store and in the parking lot behind the store. There are doors for entrance and exit at the front and the back of the store.

If you'd like to participate in the scenario, details are as follows.

"Hunter's Hunted"

Choose your favorite two BattleMechs: one light and one heavy.

Before the game starts, you draw a name from the hat. Keep it hidden, that's who you are hunting!

You start out with your heavy 'Mech and hunt down your target. However, someone out there is hunting you!

While you're in your heavy 'Mech, you can stalk any 'Mech on the field you like. However, you can only fire on the heavy 'Mech you're hunting or fire back on the 'Mech who is hunting you. But if someone is in a light 'Mech? They're fair game!

If you get destroyed, you hand the name of the person who you were hunting to the person who destroyed your 'Mech, they are now hunting your target. And you then take your light 'Mech onto the battlefield. Once you're in that light' Mech, you're an agent of chaos! You can target any 'Mech on the field regardless of who you were "hunting" before. But beware: anyone and everyone on the field can fire on you!

Last heavy 'Mech standing wins the match and the precious bragging rights that come with it!

NOTE: I'll have twelve heavy 'Mechs and twelve light 'Mechs that you can choose from. However, please feel free to bring your own two 'Mechs that you want to play (and show off those sexy paint jobs!). And if you need a record sheet printed out, please let me know before the game so I can have it there when we play.

Era: All eras are allowed

Tech base: Inner Sphere only (no Clan or Mixed-Tech)

Rules Level: Introductory and Tournament Legal only.
- No Advanced Tech, Experimental Tech, or Custom Builds allowed.
- Era-Specific 'Mechs are okay so long as they are Introductory or Tournament Legal (i.e. no Primitive BattleMechs or Mixed-Tech).
- No Drones, LAMs, Superheavy 'Mechs or Artillery 'Mechs (including Arrow IV).
- Celestials are okay, so long as they are Tournament Legal, however, you don't get the Manei Domini Piloting/Gunnery bonus.

Special rules:
1. Floating criticals.
2. All hexes are legal, including half-hexes and quarter-hexes.
3. Initiative is handled thusly: everyone rolls 2d6. Person with the highest number rolls 1d6. Odd number: everyone moves going from left to right. Even number: everyone moves going from right to left.
4. Double-tapping Standard and Light autocannons and dialing down lasers are allowed.
5. One-arm prop and fire.
6. The following tournament legal munitions are allowed:
  a. Autocannon: LB-X, Standard
  b. Gauss [light, regular, heavy]: Standard gauss munitions
  c. Missile: Artemis, Narc missiles, Streak, Standard LRM/MRM/SRM/Rocket Launcher
  d. Narc/iNarc Pods (ECM, Explosive, Haywire, Homing)
7. All woods terrain is considered a petrified forest and as such cannot be set on fire but does block line-of-sight and provides defensive bonuses as normal.

Piloting and Gunnery scores are going to be "kind of" BV balanced according to the following chart:

HEAVY [60-75]
901 - 1320 = G: 0 P: 1
1321 - 1740 = G: 1 P: 2
1741 - 2160 = G: 2 P: 3
2161 - 2574 = G: 3 P: 4

LIGHT [20-35]
332 - 710 = G: 0 P: 1
711 - 1089 = G: 1 P: 2
1090 - 1468 = G: 2 P: 3
1469 - 1842 = G: 3 P: 4

These are the 'Mechs I'll have with me just in case you don't have the time (or the software) to print out a pair of 'Mechs for the game.

HEAVY [60-75]
1 - [60] Black Hawk-KU BHKU-O Prime [1731]
2 - [60] Rifleman RFL-8D [1777]
3 - [60] Argus AGS-5D [2065]
4 - [65] Axman AXM-3S [1649]
5 - [65] Thunderbolt TDR-9NAIS [1864]
6 - [65] JagerMech JM6-DGr [1661]
7 - [70] Caesar CES-3S [1909]
8 - [70] Excalibur EXC-CS [2174]
9 - [70] Warhammer WHM-7CS [1751]
10 - [75] Lao Hu LHU-2B [1771]
11 - [75] Marauder MAD-7M [1908]
12 - [75] Penetrator PTR-6T [1994]

LIGHT [20-35]
1 - [20] Gùn GN-2O [775]
2 - [20] Locust LCT-5M3 [929]
3 - [20] Red Shift RDS-3A [868]
4 - [25] Brigand LDT-XPR4 [739]
5 - [25] Nexus NXS1-A [643]
6 - [25] Koto KTO-4A [1073]
7 - [30] Hussar HSR-950-D [1131]
8 - [30] Razorback RZK-9T [1149]
9 - [30] Firefly FFL-4C [806]
10 - [35] Blade BLD-7R [1227]
11 - [35] Hollander BZK-G1 [873]
12 - [35] Jenner JR7-K (Samuli) [1001]
Charles "IronSphinx" Wilson (CDT #66)
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Greetings all,

Two last items to address for this Thursday's Battletech event.

The address to Hoplite Games is: 2024 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48912

Hoplite Games is on the south side of the street across from Ruckus Ramen and the Everybody Reads book store. Hoplite is on the eastmost corner of Michigan Ave and Fairview Ave right next to the Okinawan Karate dojo.

Now, if you're coming from out of town, please note that the 127/496 interchange is shut down and that includes the Kalamazoo Road exit.

If you're coming to the Lansing event from South or East of Lansing via 127, I recommend taking exit 78 (by Frandor), take a left on M-43 (you'll see the Flap Jack Shack on the right side of the road), then take a left at the first light as you go over the overpass. At this point, you'll be driving south on Howard Avenue. Get in the far right hand lane and take Howard south, right back to Michigan Avenue. Hang a right on Michigan Avenue (if memory serves, a Chevrolet dealership will be on that right hand corner). Then you can take Michigan Avenue straight over to Hoplite Games.

If you're coming from the west of Lansing, I recommend taking I-496, getting off at exit 7 (the Pennsylvania Avenue exit), go north on Pennsylvania and then take a right onto Michigan Avenue. You'll see Sparrow Hospital on the Northeast corner of Penn and Michigan Ave. You can then take Michigan Avenue straight over to Hoplite Games.

There is parking all around the block and behind the store. Randall will be there from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. And there will be prizes in addition to the exclusive 'Operation Reunification' patch that Randall will be handing out.

We'll be holding a drawing for the following prizes (you must be present to win):

A copy of Proliferation Cycle (hopefully autographed by Randall Bills...)
A copy of Battletech Essentials
Another copy of Battletech Essentials
A $25 gift card to Hoplite Games
And I've also got some miscellaneous Battletech dogtags and 35th Anniversary Battletech dogtags (left over from five years ago).

So, come up to Lansing this Thursday evening to meet Randall Bills, hang around to throw some dice, and you'll leave with a patch and hopefully some extra swag.

Charles "IronSphinx" Wilson (CDT #66)
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