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me too  but now it will be 2 weeks before i get around to play it
as soon as and if get it working ill post mechcommander bug has bit me again...the first one not second one
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 36: SAY WHAT AGAIN!!!
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L´ame Immortelle - Changes
Cant pay well take it away
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 36: SAY WHAT AGAIN!!!
« Last post by NightSarge on Today at 06:06:06 »
Episode 8: Guest: Brent Evans (art director for CGL) Reupload date: April 11th, 2024 

-Mercs shipping update: QML was promising new shipping numbers by the end of the week.
-Brent talked about how he got into BattleTech, he was first hired by Jordan Wiseman in the Wizkids days. He realised aftet he got the interview that he had no suitable illustrations in his portfolio so he did about 18 design illustrations in 4 days and the group loved them.  When he had a one to one interview with Jordan, his office was full of toys and prototypes and he's geeking out internally but Jordan says he was pretty coherent.  He was hired for 5 weeks to get the company's design work back on schedule,was finished in 2.5 weeks and they let him go early.  Randall noticed him packing up his stuff and didn't say a word, but went to his boss at Wizkids and said "if you're done with him, I want him", and he got home to an email asking him to do work at FanPro.  They brought him to Gencon in 2008 and appraently Heather Coleman said to Loren and Randall at that point that they needed to find a place for him in the company, which lead to him being offered the art director role.
-Michael Ciaravella has come on as CGL's events manager, largely setting up and coordinating cons
-Brent talked about CGL commiting to keeping the core BattleTech products in-print
-They went through 51 pieces of art from ilKhan's Eyes Only.  Much of this art has been shared on the forum already, but highlights include:
--a Snow Raven fleet bombarding a planet,
--ProtoMechs and other units boarding a Republic YardShip with another Warship in its repair bay,
--a Draconis Combine Kyushu fighting a Capellan Feng Huang - presumably the only ships of their class confirmed to survive into the Dark Age. 
--Alaric giving a speech with a Mad Cat and Mad Cat Mk. IV with Wolf and Star League banners hanging from them,
--people in SLDF uniforms with an insignia of the Terran Hegemony logo with a Clan Daggerstar in it,
--Danai Liao-Centralla sitting on the Liao throne.
--A shot of what Brent described as "Smoke Jaguar special forces" sneaking in and doing espionage in the Capellan Confederation, noting that the Jaguar descendents became Republic special forces.
--A new SLDF recruitment poster
--the book's cover shows a Capellan Emperor fighting a Wolf ’Mech (I think it's a Stormwolf) with Wolf and SLDF flags looming in the background and the Wolf flag is on fire.
--Brent talked about how the cover represents some of the dilemmas the Wolves will face in the book, like they re-establish the SLDF but they may not entirely get along.
-A recent change in the way layout works is that chapter/section openers are now 2-page spreads with a gutter in the middle, allowing for much larger art pieces that straddle both pages.

-Updates on the Star League Command Lance and UrbanMech LAM delivery?  Brent has a stock answer of "it's still on the way until we have it in the warehouse" and he doesn't like to give estimates.  Rem confirmed it hadn't hit the warehouse yet.
-Any update on Aces?  It was the last thing in a planning meeting they had earlier that day.  There has been positive movement but nothing more solid can be said right now
-When will the Premium Vulture and Wolverine be on the webstore?  Unsure if they've hit the warehouse yet, it's a question for Talon really. They noted the difference in production stream, they're made in the US as opposed to China and that allows them to move faster with offering them.
-Who has the best beard in BattleTech?  There's a lot of trash talk behind the scenes but nobody can grow a beard like Randall Bills.
-Who is responsible for the exposed ammo on the Cygnus?  That was before Brent's time, it was a design choice to make things to look primitive and while it looked cool it was impractical, and part of it was Jordan's initial design team deliberately weren't au fait with BattleTech to give the game a new look, compounded by the manafacturers in China also not being au fait with BattleTech and Jordan approving stuff when it came back.
You could deploy offshore in smooth water and send your GEVs ahead of the Lun easily, making a hostile beach entry safe for your transports while still taking advantage of the high speed of the WIGE.

Idly, I've been reading up on the Fire Force tactics and I'm thinking that with L-O, the Black Devils, and general assistance from Vereeniging I may end up going with the Rhodesian air assault troops rather than an American Air Cavalry force.  There's enough differences in organization and tactics that the Rhodies are their own thing, and it's the kind of force that fits a small single battalion/squadron sized unit.  I'll post more later.
Challenges and Gatherings / Re: South Florida Battletech
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Hey you still playing im a new to the game been looking for people to play with
Off Topic / Re: Metroid Prime 4: Beyond
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It's about time that Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4: Beyond!  Let's go!!!
I love the space pirate it reminds me from halo of the jackal and the legs of its body. Would it looks nice for the space pirates and I can’t wait for the game. It’s gonna be fun.  :cheesy:
It's all about the battle taxi, isn't it? All IS.

7.5 tons. So, aggressive:
- LPPC CT, two Heavy Flamers LA/RA, BAP LT. Seeks out & finds conventional troops, can support its passengers with a bit of range.

- LRM-5 with 2 tons ammo CT, ERSL LA/RA, ERML CT. Use with smoke or minefields. We don't need no stinkin' CASE!

Team player:
- TAG, Flamer CT; Guardian LT; MPL RA; 2xSPL LA

- Flamers RT(r)/LT(r)/CT(r); ERSL CT; 2xSPL LA/RA

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