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Bull Calf (5T IS) (Vaults AU)
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Here's another Taurian one, far more useful on the line than the slow Minotaur.

Code: [Select]

- Inner Sphere ProtoMech:
Inferior to the canon Clan ones across the board: requires a Gyro, the controls are usually
heavier, and armor is 60kg/ton rather than 50. See "IS ProtoMech Rules" thread for more
detailed info.
- Trimmed Fusion Engine (ProtoMech):
Halfway between a Standard and a Light Engine, for all intents and purposes. 1/8 lighter,
but twice as expensive. Barely fits in a ProtoMech chassis, restricting torso equipment
to 500kg, not counting heat sinks, ammo, jump jets, etc. (This limit is increased to 1000kg
for Ultra Protos with a Trimmed Engine.) Otherwise the Trimmed Engine functions as per
normal rules.
- Small Gyro (ProtoMech):
A 9-ton or lighter IS Proto that lacks jump jets and has an engine rated at 50 or below may
use a 250kg Small Gyro, at no penalty.
- Light Short Range Missiles (LSMs):
The Vaults universe's equivalent of Rocket Launchers, sort of. Half the weight and damage
per missile of equivalent SRM racks, same range. May be fired up to three times a turn, but gains
cumulative -1 penalties on the Cluster Hit Table each time past the first. (I.e. the second
time an LSM rack is fired in a turn, that shot gains a -1 penalty on the Cluster Hit table,
and the third shot would gain a -2 penalty.)

Code: [Select]
Name: Bull Calf
Tech Base: Inner Sphere (IS)

BV: 144
Cost: 539,375 C-Bills

Tonnage: 5T (5,000 kg)
Chassis: ProtoMech BCF
Power Plant: LTV 45 Trimmed Fusion
Cruising Speed: 64.8 kph
Maximum Speed: 97.2 kph
Jump Jets: None
Jump Capacity: n/a
Armor: ProtoMech Standard
- 1 Harvester Dual-Fire Light SRM
- 1 Voelkers 200 Machine Gun
Manufacturer: Taurus Territorial Industries, Vandenberg
Mechanized Industries
Primary Factory: Taurus (TTI), New Vandenberg (VMI)
Communications System: Neil 9116
Targeting and Tracking System: Octagon MiniTrak

Tonnage:        5T (5,000 kg)

Equipment Mass (kg)

Internals: Standard              500
Engine: 45 Trimmed       875
Walk MP: 6
Run MP: 9
Jump MP: 0   
Gyro: Small          250
Control Sys: IS       500
Armor Factor: 24      1440

Internal Armor
Structure Value
Head    1   4
Torso    5   9
R/L Arm   1/1 3/3
Legs    3   5

Equipment Location Mass (kg)
LSM-2             T1                  500
@LSM(43)                              344
MG                RA                  500
@MG (18)                               90

   The Bull Calf followed on from the development of the larger Minotaur and the crude PM-X prototypes, debuting in 3047. Edward Calderon personally supervised much of the development of this ProtoMech, before the onset of the War of Silence and the subsequent (thankfully failed) assassination attempt on his father forced him to take a far more active role in governing the country.

   Like the Minotaur, the Bull Calf is powered by a 45-rated Trimmed Fusion Engine; the lower mass of the latter ProtoMech allows the identical engine to push it to almost one hundred kilometers per hour. It fares less well in urban areas, as it lacks the jump jets that give the Minotaur its maneuverability, but the lack of jump jets does allow it to mount a Small Gyro that economizes on weight.

   The Bull Calf cannot withstand heavy hits, and relies on its small size and speed to avoid them. TTI's design team thus built the ProtoMech for quick strikes rather than any kind of line action. One of the new Light SRM launchers is mounted on the shoulder and serves as the main weapon; able to fire several volleys in short succession, its ammo bin can run dry in as little as two minutes of continuous fighting. A machine gun is bracketed to the opposite arm, and is mostly intended for anti-infantry duty.

   Unlike the larger Minotaur, the Bull Calf itself has not been exported to other states, and is a Taurian exclusive design. It sees use in a wide variety of battalion-level and regimental-level commands throughout the Concordat. No factory variants of the Bull Calf have yet been seen, though there are persistent rumors of experiments with newer weaponry in the wake of the War of Silence.

   Both sets of ProtoMech blueprints were sold on the open market in 3057 as part of the joint efforts against the Clans. The Bull Calf's plans were adapted into the Kavallerist and Harrier ProtoMechs, used by Houses Steiner and Marik, respectively.

Code: [Select]
[b]BV2 calculations:[/b]
2.5 x armor (24) 60
1.5 x IS    (11) 16.5
0.5 x T Gyro(2.5)         2.5
Def eqpmt    (0)   0

Total stuff 79
Def factor x 1.4
Def BV 110.6

LSM-2 (per tube calc)    16
@LSM (86 rockets)         1.032
MG                        5
@MG (18 rounds' worth)    0.09

Total guns 22.122
Spd factor x 1.50
Off BV 33.183

Total BV 143.783 --> (144)

Code: [Select]

Cockpit: (IS) 300,000
Life Sup: 75,000
Sensors: 2K*T 10,000
Myomers: 2K*T 10,000
Internals: 400*T   2,000
   Arms: 180*T*2   1,800
   Legs: 540*T   2,700
Engine (TFE): 10k*ER*T/75 30,000
Gyro:           150k*GyroTons    37,500
Jumpjets: 200*JJ*T       0
Heat Sinks: 2k*HS       0
Armor: 625*AF 15,000


LSM-2                            16,000
@LSM(86 rockets)                  8,600
MG                                5,000
@MG(18 rounds' worth)                90

ARMED SUBTOTAL                  513,690

Final cost: *1+(T/100) 539,375