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Artillery Spotter Bonuses
« on: 20 May 2024, 00:54:56 »
Tactical Operations: Advanced Rules 6th printing

So for artillery spotter, it lists two different ways for spotters to provide bonuses for artillery accuracy.

One is adjusting, while the other is for spotter gunnery skill.

However, the wording of the spotter gunnery modifier has a bit of weirdness with the text that needs clarification

Page 149:
"If the target hex was in the LOS of a friendly unit (the spotter) at the end of the Movement Phase of the turn in which the artillery attack was launched, and the same friendly unit has the target hex in its LOS in the turn in which the shell/ missile arrives, then a modifier, as shown on the Artillery Modifiers Table, can be added to any new attack"
(emphasis mine)

Does this mean that the spotter does not provide any bonuses on an initial round of firing and the spotter gunnery + adjusting for fire both kick in on subsequent rounds fired?
Or is the 'new attack' wording meant to apply to the phase in which the first round applies as well?