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Fan Articles / Re: Mech of the Week - Flea
« Last post by Balian d’Ibelin on Today at 18:36:35 »
The Flea is generally an OK militia design with a few solid variants. I’ve fielded it only a handful of times over the decades. Even when the weaponry is OK s as me the armor is better than tinfoil there’s just very little excitement in using one and for the same tonnage there’s better specialists and better looking mechs.
Fan Fiction / Re: The Wolf Prince [Victor instead of Phelan]
« Last post by Minchandre on Today at 18:34:42 »
Chapter 6
WS Dire Wolf, L2 point
Rasalhague, Free Rasalhague Republic
4 July 3050

Victor sat at the table in Katya’s room, finalizing his report about the disposition of Rasalhague’s defense. Occasionally, he set aside his writing to annotate a map of the planet. Here, he indicated the Third Freemen scattered across Ystad, numbers estimates he’d put together from newspaper articles about the annual flu written in very small letters in pencil. There, he circled Asgard and surrounded it with inward-pointing arrows to advertise the planned feint. Reykjavik was carefully annotated with airbase locations, surrounded with little red Xs to remind the Wolves to ignore the region in the initial assault. It wasn’t very subtle, but he wanted to ensure that the information was transmitted clearly and unambiguously - and besides, Clanners weren’t very subtle as a rule.

Across from him sat the room’s owner, poring over the Khan’s copy of The Art of War, paused often to write extensive notes in a leather-bound notebook that Victor would have called expensive-looking if he hadn't had reason to suspect that the Clans did not use money. Occasionally, she would interrupt his work to ask him a question (“What does it mean that to fight on the defensive indicates too little strength, but to attack indicates too much?”), and he would ask her what Ulric’s margin notes said before struggling to remember his own lessons, four years and a lifetime away.

Less occasionally, their feet would bump under the table. Not much liking the heavy magnetic slippers worn on-ship, Victor had doffed them shortly after sitting down, only to discover Katya barefoot in her own quarters as well. The brushes of skin-on-skin sent electric jolts through Victor, though they were definitely not playing footsie, and he would not be the one to start. She probably doesn’t even like me like that, he thought to himself; certainly her apparent interest was in him as an exotic foreigner, and he’d already noticed that Clanners were much more casual with physical contact than Tharkans, so he tried not to read anything into it. After all, Avalonians kissed cheeks in greeting as often as not, and on Tharkad that sort of behavior would result in nothing but indignant embarrassment.

And for sidelong glances…well, those were probably in his head.

Still, it was nice to sit across from her, to bump feet and to watch her gently chew on her lip as she worked through a particularly challenging passage. Even her smell (clean sweat under the harsh soap the Clanners used) was oddly appealing.

Idly, Victor wondered if he was in love. Certainly he thought he might be, if the songs were anything to go by. He found himself thinking about her in idle moments: her intelligence, her fierce loyalty, her dedication, her thoughtfulness. And of course, he thought to himself with a blush, Those moments before the assault on New Bergen.

Growing up, he’d known he was destined for a political marriage, and so had always held himself a bit aloof from the women that threw themselves at him, subtly or otherwise. It had helped that he always knew it was more likely the heir of the Federated Commonwealth that they were courting and not the man. “They want Steiner-Davion more than Victor”, as a friend of his had once put it; an issue not likely to come up in the Clans.

He’d even done his level best to avoid developing crushes, though he had let himself entertain some idle thoughts about Kimmie Endo on the theory that being the granddaughter of a powerful duke in Skye made a match likely enough to permit some speculation.

But with her being two years beneath him at the Nagelring, he hadn’t had much of a chance to get to know her beyond glances in the hallway and a charming conversation at his mother’s Christmas ball.

Certainly he had never spent hours and hours with her, acting as teacher and student in turn as the two attempted to learn what they could of one another’s cultures. He had never felt Kimmie Endo’s eyes drilling into the back of his head as he replaced damaged myomer in her ‘Mech, had never seen her listen attentively as her commander debriefed her after her first battle commanding a battalion.

He shook his head, trying to decide if he was being attracted to Katya’s martial abilities, and what that might say about him.

The object of his musing noticed the head-shake and asked, concern in her voice, “Victor, you are well, quiaff?”

“Yes, er, aff,” he replied, “I was simply lost in thought.”

“Denying a thought, it seems,” she returned playfully.

Aff. I have been asking questions I do not know the answer to.” After a moment, he added, “Questions not related to the invasion of Rasalhague or competition with the Ghost Bears.”

Katya raised the tip of her pencil to her mouth, a gesture that he found almost unbearably adorable. And there was a word to use to describe a Clanner.

His internal smile must have reached his lips, because she smiled back.

“We are Warriors,” she said, “But we are not automata. We all of us see more than the inside of ‘Mech. Most of us cultivate other interests, whether they be art, or chess, or martial arts. One of my sibkin studies astronomy and must be physically barred to keep him off the bridge before a jump.

“Among the Ghost Bears, practicing a form of art is even expected, almost required. They call it their Great Work, be it a painting or sculpture, poem or music. The Great Work is only finished when its creator is, and it is exhibited at their funeral.

“But the pursuit of beauty and meaning is not limited to the Bears. In fact, every Clan has at least one form of art in common.”

She stood from the table and went to the bookshelves above her bed, drawing forth the last of handsomely-bound books of each Clan that he had noticed earlier, holding it reverently as she crossed the room to sit next to Victor instead of returning to her place across from him. He became acutely aware of how close the seats were and both cursed and blessed the necessities of spacecraft.

She moved his noteputer out of the way and gently set the book down between them. The front of the book was dark red leather, with gold inlay of a larger, more intricate version of the wolf’s head and stars that appeared on the spine.

Katya opened the book. The title page bore the same symbol again, in black ink this time. Above it stood the words THE REMEMBRANCE.

“This,” she said, “Is the Remembrance. It is a…” she paused, clearly choosing her words carefully, “An epic poem,” she concluded with a note of victory. After a moment, she added, “In the Ancient Greek style. Like Calliope.” Her pleased smile was matched by Victor’s surprise that she was familiar with the Muses.

“The Remembrance contains the history of each Clan. Not only the events, but the thoughts, the feelings, the struggle and the honor. The Remembrance contains our Clan’s soul.”

If the once-prince had been surprised by Katya’s knowledge of the Muses, he was veritably shocked by her use of the word “soul”. He was fairly certain it was the first time he’d heard anyone use the word since his capture, the Clanners seeming to be an almost painfully atheistic and pragmatic people. If any Clanner believed in God, or the spiritual, or indeed in souls, this was the first that Victor had heard of it.

Very tentatively, he asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“This is the essence of the Clan. This is each Wolf, purified and distilled.”

She looked at his noteputer, lifted the book to examine his map. “You are nearly done with your report, quiaff? Then it will not be a problem to read a few passages. If you are to be a Wolf, you must know us as well as you know yourself.”

Victor wondered how well he knew himself, but gently turned the page.

Hark, children of the Clans,
To the wisdom of Kerensky and your forebears.
Know what has come before;
Remember it as you strive toward the future.


Katya's a poet and Victor didn't even know it! After Victor saw that one poem about him, she's been hiding her stuff better, but she's well-read on the topic - thus, knowing the Muse of Epic Poetry (Chief Muse, by the way!)

By this point in the story, Phelan and Ranna seem to have been sleeping together regularly, but I decided that Victor is not that kind of guy; he tells himself it's for political reasons, and maybe it is a little, but he's also just a boy/man who takes everything very seriously, including that. Katya presents an interesting match for him politics-wise: not only does she (like every Clanner) sincerely not care at all about his titles, but her position as a crazy ristar (second youngest Warrior in the history of the Clans to get a bloodname!), a Kerensky, and genedaughter and protégé of Ulric also makes her the closest thing to a princess possible in the Clans

This still isn't a full romantic subplot, but it's a little less forced.

Leftenant Kimiko "Kimmie" Endo is a character from a story I'm never going to write, a "harem anime"-style story where Hanse and Melissa's reaction to Victor's gentle flirtations with Omi on Outreach is to pack the 10th Lyran Guard full of attractive young women, of a variety of appearances, personalities, and geographical and socioeconomic origins. Hilarity ensues.

Kimmie Endo is the favorite granddaughter of the Duke of New Kyoto, who also has a lot of power over the Rahneshire and seems to be one of the most powerful nobles in the Commonwealth. Physically, she looks remarkably similar to Omi Kurita, with delicate Japanese beauty and whatnot (though her skin is a little darker from time spent doing sports and PT and field exercises). Personality-wise, however, she's a classic Lyran noble's daughter: she's loud, she's brash, she loves a good party, she loves drinking (even if she tends to prefer sake instead of beer), she loves gaudy jewelry. She deviates a little in that while she's spoiled, she isn't entitled, and actually calls her mom and grandfather to complain about them sticking her in Victor's unit to try and set them up (they didn't, it was all Morgan Hasek-Davion's fault).

Anyway, I'll never write that, but it's fun to think about.
Seems like 4-6 weeks ago, Dragon41673 (Derek) mentioned them being down on one of the FB BT Groups.  He's had "Issues" with the site and has had to abandon it, when sadly he was the MAIN "Traffic" on the site with his weekly updates.  :sad:  Well, SSM had been posting frequently also, but hasn't posted much since the early days of the Russia/Ukraine War.   :sad:  I Hope Sebastian is ok, though I believe he lives in Poland.

There was a reply from BlueWeasel (Todd), that he was the one paying for the site AND maintaining it (though someone else claims to be the "Owner" of it  :rolleyes: ), and while he regretted it, he was tired of footing the bill.  Seems like he said the site would Probably be going down to stay unless someone else stepped up to keep it running.

I suspected that my response to Derek in his thread may have been the last post on the forum.
We reached a point where the site limitations would only allow us to post once every few weeks or so.
I said goodbye to all just in case.

I was unaware that Blue Weasel was flipping the bill. I only knew that he and CacheUSA were the last mods.
I TRIED to find out about helping keeping the site going and did not get a response from BW.

I have absolutely NO way to contact Blue Weasel for info at this point.

If you know of ANY way to contact him PLEASE do so and PM any info to me here.
Depending on the actual costs and what my part would be in keeping it alive I would
be VERY interested in preserving the site as well as increasing traffic.
Also I've been waiting to get my FB request to join the LOTB group approved since FOREVER.
Thanks for this info.
I just hope it's not to late to do something about it.
Fan Fiction / Re: The Kapteyn Universe
« Last post by Blacknova on Today at 17:50:30 »
Primary writing on Field Manual: Loyalist Clans has just been completed. It has come in at 95k words and I'll begin proofing/editing today. Hope to have that out of the way and be into layout by the end of the week.
Strong agree. If they really want to continue with the livestreams that's fine but I don't see why we can't also get a short writeup.

Agree. I’m not really one for listening or viewing media in general (TV / movies excepted) so I wouldn’t have even known about the YouTube stream if it hadn’t been mentioned here.
Off Topic / Re: What did you just eat?
« Last post by Euphonium on Today at 16:20:09 »
Baked salmon in teriyaki marinade, broccoli, and egg noodles with green pesto, and a nice prosecco.
The Inner Sphere / Re: Help me build a Tamar Jaeger company
« Last post by worktroll on Today at 16:15:42 »
Like I said, this is based on minis I have, or am waiting on delivery for. A Battlemaster would mean I'd have to buy an AGoAC box, and an Onager would have to come from IWM with overseas shipping, neither of which are on the budget plan at the moment.

Absent those two, what designs would you use, from the above?
Fan Fiction / Re: Guided by the light of a (Red) Cameron Star
« Last post by paulobrito on Today at 16:11:46 »
What is the fleet (military/warships and civilian/jumpships) of Niops at this date? Active and in mothball.
Non-Canon Units / Re: Hawkins Heavy Cavalry
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 15:44:03 »
I've played some variation of the Hawkins family since the 80's across multiple game systems. Anyway sure feel free to use it!
80's but only BT for me.
The youtube streams are terrible for announcements. Need the time to watch it, need to be able to use audio, and can't easily see if the video has anything that concerns me. I mean an hour long video a week on the off chance it's something worth my time is not something I'm going to do. Warhammer Community is the mark for getting news out imo.

Totally baffling that the main Catalyst news page doesn't get updated when new packs release at the very least.

Strong agree. If they really want to continue with the livestreams that's fine but I don't see why we can't also get a short writeup.
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