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Robotic Control Unit Clarifications
« on: 09 April 2024, 21:21:53 »
Several details regarding Robotic Control Units and how they are organized seem unclear based on the text of Interstellar Operations: Alternate Eras page 133. Specifically the following concerns and edge cases:

1. Are Control Units and Robots obligated to be assigned in a 1-to-1 relationship, or can a Control Unit alternate issuing commands between two or more Robots?

While it is explicit in the text that using multiple pieces of equipment that qualify a unit as a Control Unit allows sending multiple commands and thus command multiple robots as each robot can only receive a maximum of one command per turn, it is not clear if a single Control Unit, which is able to send only one (1) command per turn, can alternate which robot among a group of robotic units it is commanding on any given turn.

For example, it is clear that Control Unit A can give commands to Robot X whenever all required conditions are met. However, assuming Control Unit A is limited to a maximum of 1 command per turn, can Control Unit A give an order to Robot X on turn 1, and then on turn 2 give an order to Robot Y instead?

2. Can multiple Control Units command a single Robot in "round robin" fashion?

To further the example, if Control Unit A issues an order to Robot X on turn 1, could Control Unit B, abiding by all other explicit restrictions give a command to the same robot on turn 2 or after? While it would be reasonable and logical for Controller B to be obligated to wait for any previous commands to Robot X to take effect, there seems to be no prohibition that Controller B would be outright disallowed from issuing orders to Robot X in spite of Robot X having been given its initial orders by Controller A.

3. Regarding the qualifications of Control Units, mounting a C3i computer is an eligible qualification. Does this extend to Battle Armor scale C3i computers, and if so is it required for the entire squad to mount such a device or is it permissible for only one such piece of equipment to be carried in the squad?