Author Topic: Raven 3X Equipment (Lore/Rules/Record Sheet mismatch)  (Read 327 times)


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Raven 3X Equipment (Lore/Rules/Record Sheet mismatch)
« on: 03 January 2024, 08:38:24 »
According to TRO: Succession Wars (page 44), the Raven 3X 'increased its ground speed with this original triple-strength myomer. Because it is not intended for direct combat, the myomers benefits outweigh the risks'

The original, prototype TSM (TSM-X) that was susceptible to Anti-TSM gas (as described in the fluff for the 3X variant) doesn't provide additional movement when activated. (Interstellar Operations: Alternate Eras page 98) but otherwise has identical construction rules to Triple-Strength Myomer.

And the Raven 3X present in TRO: Succession Wars Record Sheets (page 62 of the PDF) has Triple Strength Myomer listed on the critical hits table, and also has a movement profile of Walk 5[6], Run 8 [9]

Multi-stage question that partially involves lore, partially involves equipment, partially involves record sheets:

1) (lore/record sheet) Does the Raven 3X have TSM or TSM-X?

2) (lore/equipment rules) If it has TSM-X, and the fluff says it utilized TSM-X for additional movement, should TSM-X provide additional movement in the rules? Or is this just one of those oddities that the rules and lore just say two different things.

3) (equipment rules/record sheet) If the Raven does have TSM-X, should its record sheet be adjusted to reflect the different movement rules between TSM-X and TSM?