Author Topic: (Answered) Direct/Glancing Blow with Homing Arrow  (Read 893 times)


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(Answered) Direct/Glancing Blow with Homing Arrow
« on: 12 August 2023, 17:15:46 »
References - TO:AR 6th printing, TO:AUE 6th printing.

Rules for Glancing Blow and Direct Blow are found on pages 78-79, TO:AR.
Rules for Arrow IV Homing Missiles are found on page 166, TO:AUE.

The question here is: do the Glancing and Direct Blow rules apply to Homing AIV attacks based on the Margin of Success on the roll of 4+ needed for it to strike a TAG-designated target? If not, do they apply at all, perhaps based on the MoS for the relevant TAG hit? I could see this being ruled either way, and it was not clear from the rules as written.
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Re: (Research) Direct/Glancing Blow with Homing Arrow
« Reply #1 on: 09 September 2023, 02:41:58 »
Clarifying errata is being added to the next TO printing that modifies the "affects" para to read:

The Glancing Blow rule does not apply to: area-effect (AE) damage, damage that does not require a to-hit roll (e.g. falling damage), non-damaging attacks (e.g. TAG), or all-or-nothing attacks (e.g. Streak missile launchers).

So AOE attacks can never benefit or suffer from D-B rules, but A4 homing does interact with it like a normal 20-point attack, using the 4+ roll as the determining factor (since TAG doesn't interact with the rules).
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