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as I understand the Omni-pods its at the same time really simple but complex.
for the components such as your lrm getting damaged in your omnimech If you have a spare lrm pod you pop the old (broken) missile pod out put it over in the corner with the rest of the broken parts, and swap in the working unit, and the Omni- mech is ready to go back into the field.

when you salvage a weapon that is podded you can either leave it podded, and immediately use it in an Omni or you can strip the pod off the weapon and mount it in a regular unit.

if you get in weapons that are not podded, you can either use them as is as non omni gear, or you can spend a little time and the resources to mount them in a pod, and then they immediately are useable as pod gear.

if you have damaged Omni parts you can spend "down time" restoring them to operational status and shift them back into your available spares.

the point is that the real advantage of Omni-units is that as long as you have spare equipment available you can both mix and match stuff to get things back online faster, and improvise loadouts based on pilot preference and available parts it also shortens the repair and refit cycle tremendously.

the whole "omnismoke" thing was IMO just another justification to explain why people still use non omnis, even though once they become available there really isn't a good reason to NOT phase out all the non omnis in favor of Omni units. when they are available.  I mean I totally get the whole why do we need all this new fangled ... the old whatever works just fine... resistance to change thing. but there is a reason all the clans were heavily Omni loaded in their front line units, its because they really are significantly better than standard units in most ways.  even with a limitation of modifying the base chassis being a bit of a pain in the butt.

There is a profound drawback to Omnis though.  If you're deep in a campaign and have a bunch of omnis with damaged weapons and a whole cargo bay of non-omni weapons, what do you do?  Send out your omnis even though they are undergunned, or do you "break" them to slap on non-pod weapons?

For games that don't get into logistics, supply and economics, I always thought they should have had some kind of balancing mechanic for Omnis. Some kind of weight and/or space penalty reflecting the mounting hardware and the volume/mass of the pod.  Cell phones with integral batteries are smaller and lighter than phones with removable batteries because they don't need modular connections, doors, etc. 
The Inner Sphere / Re: Poaching in the Inner Sphere
« Last post by MoneyLovinOgre4Hire on Today at 15:20:20 »
Any planet that's got a native species that's tasty, thought to have medicinal value (whether real or imagined), or just seen as a status symbol will have poaching.
Why would they need to be?  House units were starting to win against the Clans and they had a cushy little fiefdom that was making buttloads of cash for little work.
This is a pre-REVIVAL idea so no super stuff, just 3050 era equipment with the odd bit and bob here and there.

ProtoMech AC's are not called that, they are just called a Light Autocannon.  Shorter barreled, smoothbore with a far less reinforced breach, taking steps to reduce firing pressure/recoil to allow you to make the gun light.  By making them smoothbore they are cheaper to produce but you'd see PAC's in second line units, just like Chemical lasers which the Horses develop earlier and deploy, again in second line units, there's also the light and heavy MG's but no ATM's, no HAG's, no heavy lasers. 
The driver is resources, or lacking them.  Fuel cells would be common as all hell in the setting if they'd existed in the fluff and rules at the time (because at the time that say TRO3025 was written in the 80's there wasn't a thing in the world called a Fuel Cell) and Fuel cells are easier to run, you need hydrogen.  So any fusion plants can be replaced as needed and deployed elsewhere or the materials put towards Mechs etc that the Horses can't really produce too many of which forces them to go fully into tanks etc to make up for a shortfall.
Optimization in that case just means not putting an HGR on such a small mech.  Which is what the other variant of Hollander II already does.
The Inner Sphere / Re: Is that a Timber Wolf in your back pocket?
« Last post by Dragon Cat on Today at 15:15:50 »
I think they also helped with intelligence they had on the Clans but I was surprised after luthien they weren't more active against Clan forces
Agreed, and it's especially bad when you combine isekai stuff in there where the hero's "power" is that he knows it's a game, similar to Konosuba or that smartphone one.

Yup.  Not only that, but the hero starts out with 15 free levels and epic tier equipment while everyone else is stuck with equipment they had to buy or make themselves and leveled up the old fashioned way.  It's the ultimate otaku fantasy.

Hmm probably why one of the few isekai animes that I actually liked was The Ambition of Oda Nobuna: the main character was, in fact, as good in a fight as you'd expect from a teenage otaku with no skills or training and was only able to contribute through his knowledge, which made things difficult as history changed more and more due to his actions.
note that shortly after that meeting, the Dragoons opened up Academies on Outreach, with training options in mech piloting, tactics, logistics, Mech repair, etc.. it was used a lot by mercenaries, but also by successor state military's. and graduates of said places would inevitably spread their skills around afterwards.

While the Dragoon's couldn't really improve the technology of the IS much without revealing their deception, they could conduct a ground-up program to increase the general competence of the inner sphere's techs, soldiers, and officers.
Isn't that anime universally judged to be the worst isekai so far?
Nah, Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria ("The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar" - and yes, those two titles seemingly have nothing to do with each other) last season handily beat it on that.
So you looking for a Covert Ops style Aerodyne Dropship what about using an uparmored and gunned Buccaneer [see the Buccaneer Rezak (a.k.a. Red Raider)].  It is a Cargo Ship so it should not scream Combat Dropable Combat Unit, like if I see an Leopard.

Now for why a concealed Artillery piece onboard, it's more to help with specific precision targets (using copperhead rounds) and to provide firecover (Cluster) and support fire (Smoke [or if u can mix 10 and 10 Illumination], Thunder) for the team in the field.  Now with a Thumper you can be up to 21 boards vrs 8 for an Arrow IV from where your combat assets are engaged and still lend them support if needed if not the cannon is not deployed.

In my mind based on what you are saying your BA and PAL forces are your primary force to get their target(s).  WIGE assets and any mechs are just mobile fire support units and transport after all it is hard be covert in a Mech and can't be easy in WIGE.  But this force isn't going to take down a more then a lance of raiders, but might be able to take down the planetary defense HQ to allow the main force to engage.

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