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Despite their doing quite a bit to minimise the manpower, there's no evidence they looked at drones at all, using humans they didn't care about where the Republic or WoB would use robots/drones to avoid wasting those they value. I would call it a cultural blind spot. They are still a Clan society after all, with the inherent distrust of anything involved in the fall of the Star League, such as the Caspar drones.
No question for me.

Behind the glass counter holding the cash register at Endgames in Clackamas Town Square, 1985:


Love at first sight.

When I got into BattleTech in the late 80s, this was the image that drew me into the game. It will always be number one in my heart.
It may be raining outside my window right now, but it's a beautiful day in my book.

I agree there are still some details we don't know. However, there's a bottle of bourbon with my name on it, and I'm going to celebrate.
With how many resources they poured into projects to minimize the Warrior Caste's numerical superiority, and maximize the capabilities of their own men? I'd say for certain they would. You could argue that they were trying to do similar with the Synaptic Project and Feralize, just using cognitively-limited humans instead of computer systems as drones...
Can leftover specialty ammo be saved? I.E. if I have 20 shots of SRM2 Inferno ammo left, but decide to buy and load a new ton, can I keep those unspent shots on my pilot sheet somewhere, and have them re-loaded when I'm off board once I have room? Or do the techs just "throw it away"?

That Heat sinks be added to the list of removable equipment. There are certain designs that seem to be seriously oversinked, like the SHD-2H and HBK-5N. Of course you couldn't go below the 10 required Heat sinks.

Allowing all ammo types to be removed by the half ton. I know it dips into fractional accounting, but the dueling nature of Solaris makes me think that it would be useful to allow pilots to reduce the amount of ammo their mechs carry and allowing to be replaced by an authorized piece of equipment. Like dropping a ½ ton of SRM2 ammo and adding CASE.

--> Players may enter the board with reduced ammo loads if they wish. Adding equipment for the removed tonnage cannot be done, since replacement equipment must go in the critical space vacated by the removed equipment.


I am going to make some comments that may contradict what CranstonSnord made.

Leftover Specialty ammo:  When you purchase a reload, you are topping off any specialty ammo you have.  The extra you have will not be stored off to the side for later use.  If you have left over ammo and want to go back to regular ammo, you either expend or dump the ammo

Heat sinks will not be added to the list of removable equipment
Non-Canon Units / Re: Unit insignias
« Last post by Drewbacca on Today at 14:21:55 »
Well, I was at it again.

A new Mercs With No Name
Combined Arms

and the fearsome...

Fluffy Bunnies
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Rules for field guns?
« Last post by Retry on Today at 13:57:25 »
You wanna silence a nest of field guns fast? Karnov (Gunship). Oodles of machine guns in multiple directions, insanely fast, and BV so low it's almost cheaper than some of those gun platoons. Make high-speed dashes that end each turn almost directly over the gun batteries(the 'almost' is very important - NEVER end movement directly above any of them), then lay waste to multiple platoons at once.

The infantry are faced with three bad options: ignore you as they keep firing the guns(and die), silence the guns for a bit to shoot at you with their normal weapons(likely at pretty bad numbers), or waste time turning the big guns around to shoot you, after which you'll likely be long gone.

Come to think of it, if you're the player using field guns, it might be wise to give them some kind of AA escort.
Karnovs, yuck.  Low payload, poor armor, and way, way over-engined.  Looks pretty though.  You can do the same thing with 2 extra tons at 25 tons or just 1 extra ton at 21 tons, but with a lower BV and C-Bill cost.  Overall bad design.

I wouldn't recommend the Karnov Gunship.  Lots of MGs and it's arranged like a porcupine, but is that really a good thing?  Unless you're facing an entire battalion of infantry you're quite unlikely to get more than 2 arcs worth of MGs on targets at one time, and if you are you're probably in danger of a platoon getting in the same hex as you and taking a good shot on you.  If you're firing on multiple targets you're also taking secondary target modifiers so chances are you miss on several rolls.  Infantry that do connect on a VTOL tend to drop 'em like a bad joke, so I'm not so sure that VTOLs for infantry hunting is that great of an idea.

If you still want to use a VTOL for that, alternatively I'd take a flight or 2 of Ferrets to a Karnov.  Ferrets are even faster than Karnovs, far cheaper in both C-Bills and BV, and have a single MG each (no porcupine setup but you can split the Ferrets to strike several targets further apart, and no secondary target modifiers).  4 standard Ferrets are just a hair more expensive in BV than 1 Karnov Gunship, 2 "wild weasels" are slightly less.  While a standard Ferret won't survive a stray hit, honestly, a Karnov won't survive much more anyways, and the Wild Weasels at least are nearly as durable as Karnovs.
At this past Origins, there was a little chat from the guys who were running it, about potentially changing the 'ranking' system, from the 5 'levels' it is now, to something else.  Just to make things a little easier.  That way someone running a, say green inner sphere mech, wouldn't be competing potentially against a clan yellow mech. 

When the guy (forget his name, sorry), was chatting about it on Friday, i mentioned it might be easier to go to a 6 grade system.
Grade 1 to 4, are nothing but inner sphere.  Blue corresponds to light, Green to medium, Orange to heavy and Yellow to assault.  THEN add in 2 other colors, representing the clan mechs.

Another change i'd like to see, is maybe make a table of team grinder, so that way the mechs you include which have C-3 systems on them, actually get to benefit from the use of that spent tonnage.  Either that, or do not include mechs carrying C3 units..

So what are some of your thoughts on this?
Ground Combat / Re: Operation Gitgud - help me sharpen my game!
« Last post by Alsadius on Today at 13:49:22 »
The PERCENTAGE difference in the odds between an 11 and 12 is FAR greater than that between a 7 and an 8.  This means that an energy-weapon unit can push the to-hit numbers higher and outperform an ammo-based unit that can't afford to waste shots at 11 to-hit or worse.  A unit that can get a good movement modifier or cover bonus can likewise reduce the odds of being hit by a greater degree than it affects its own shots by keeping the range and other modifiers high.

If you have a 1 better movement modifiers, all else being equal, and you need 10 to hit, the opponent needs 11.  You have a 6 in 36 chance to hit (16.7%), while the opponent has a 3 in 36 chance to hit (8.3%), giving you DOUBLE the enemy's odds.  If your to-hit number is at 11 (8.3% odds), that pushes the opponent's chance out to a hit on a 12 only (2.8% odds), or TRIPLE the opponent's odds.

Yup. But it really depends what you're trading off against. Imagine a mech with a lot of regular AC ammo but a very limited supply of Precision ammo(maybe a King Crab?), where you can only get that -2 to hit a couple times over the course of a match. If your base to-hit is 14, then the precision ammo will do infinitely more damage than the standard ammo would as a percentage, but it's still rolling on 12, so you're still only averaging 0.55 extra damage from the precision round in an AC/20. Conversely, if your base to-hit is 8, then dropping it to 6 increases your chances to hit by 73%(still good, but much less than infinity), but it means the precision round adds an expected 6.11 damage - that's obviously a much better use of the precision round.
Phobos and Crackerbox have the right of it... the games are very different.  Colt's knock down strategy is the key to the HBS game.  On anything lighter than an assault, knocking them down enables you to core their CT before they stand back up.  On assaults, multiple knock downs jelly the pilot and leave you some sweet salvage.

For more on what I meant, I will use last night as a example . . . a light lance was defending a Canopian outpost on a lunar map- 2 Firestarters, Spider and Locust.  My morale was high as I traded some ranged shots and the lights moved.  I took my Orion (which b/c pilots moves with the meds), used called shot and went for the Locust CT- it had already eaten some LRMs and half 75% armor.  BAM, AC to the CT which dropped the Locust before the LRMs even hit . . . now I got a increase in my morale pool b/c I killed something, so I switched to my Kintaro and walked up towards one of the Firestarters which was side on to me.  Oh well, I need to degrade it to keep it from cooking my mechs so I call that shot on the RT and only use SRM6++, SRM6++ and SRM+ to keep the heat down since I expect it try to cook me if it survives.  Blew off the RT with the SRM hits but did not get the CT kill even if it was weaving and internal.  That put my morale below 50, so no more called shots the rest of the turn- besides I had to kill some turrets too.

Facing does matter, try to run away and if you go maximum movement you cannot twist around to present front or side armor.  But it IS different, since each facing is divided into 90 degrees, its actually easier to get behind a mech- or present your back armor purposefully.  And when something is behind you the number of hit locations drops drastically . . . to 3, you cannot aim at the legs or arms.
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