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Non-Canon Units / Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
« Last post by DOC_Agren on Today at 22:01:04 »
Hard to be in the upper command of the Cavalli's Cavaliere, this campaign all most targeting them
Okay, i'm working on a fan fic idea.  what I need from you all is a way to move it forward.  I need a 1 to 100 table (or a few of them) on what someone might find in a cache site.  i'm looking at writing it starting in 3030ish.  I want to be able to role on the table to see where the story goes.  give me your best table and let see what your brains can come up with. 
Off Topic / Re: Blaine's Latest Blog
« Last post by MoneyLovinOgre4Hire on Today at 21:36:30 »
The Hussar isn't a bad mech, it's just not an optimized one.

The Thorn, on the other hand...
BattleTech Miniatures / Anzu, 1st Free Worlds Guards
« Last post by Luciora on Today at 21:25:52 »
Definately getting a second one now to make the RAC version.
Off Topic / Re: Blaine's Latest Blog
« Last post by bpardoe870 on Today at 21:25:01 »
A blast from the past.  Out of my archives - the 'Mechs I have designed or written about.

Blaine "Buck" Pardoe
BattleTech Miniatures / 104 and 105 Galleons
« Last post by Luciora on Today at 21:23:56 »
A Galleon 104 in Lexington Combat Group colors and a Galleon 105 in Reed's Brew livery.
BattleTech Miniatures / Custom built Archer Thesus
« Last post by Luciora on Today at 21:22:04 »
Clan Wolverine Archer Thesus.  Survived the Exodus, Pentagon Wars, only to finally be destroyed during the Annihilation.  The mech has been rebuilt and parts replaced so many times, nobody is sure its still actually an Archer, outside of the loadout.

Miniature parts list include a Galahad, Vulture, Zeus, Cyclops and Balius lasers.
We have some MFB equipped units in MM. The Savior intro 3059, and the Wayland intro 2541.  The Savior was specifically based on the Mechwarrior 3 unit.

What I would do is make a support company. Say 4 Saviors and 8 cargo carrying trucks.  Build up a tech platoon or company for personnel.  When you do the repairs you could set the repair location as Field Repair or the modifiers.
Good call on the Savior and I especially like the fact that 3 of them give me room for the 3 platoons filled with techs, astechs, a doc, and medics. Using localclient_mechset to change the image to the Galaport Trailer to better match the Mechwarrior 3 MFB model.

Still kind of iffy on cargo trucks or even if I should include them. First few rounds so far have been keeping the MFBs hidden and adding more units will make this job much tougher. If I do I am looking at the Heavy BattleMech Recovery Vehicle with 30 tons of cargo, but wheeled. Another I was looking at was the UTR-588 Recovery Vehicle with 40 tons and tracked like the Savior, but probably extinct.  Haven't really decided yet. Leaning more towards not bothering with cargo.

It's possible, and half fun of the scenario you're proposing.  Get in, meet the objective and take minimal damage.  If you go in with a stand up fight you might not succeed the overall mission.
I am following the game's missions as much as possible. So they are pretty much kill everything under the guise of having a couple objectives that can be handled after the fighting. This is mainly because you are also escorting your MFBs and need to clear a path for them. I am using forced withdrawal rules, but will leave that up to player preference.

I have finished all of missions in the first Operation in the game and the first mission of the 2nd Operation. Decided to create my own maps, while they do follow the game's terrain, they are not by any means exact or super detailed.

Trying to get a flow to the missions so you do not face everything at once. Have been somewhat successful in this using Double Blind and turning off Teams Share Vision. Also helps in the beginning of missions to hide the MFBs. Was wondering if there was a way to delay deployment in the scenario files? This would help somewhat in trying to keep that flow.

New pilots showing up during the missions will be a separate force when they first show up. This is to help in importing the pilot and mech into MekHQ after the mission.

First release is the first 5 missions, Operation 1 Missions 1-4 and Op2 M1. Any special instructions are listed in the Mission description and in individual Scenario descriptions. Video links provided for more in-depth mission briefs. Drop the 7z in your MekHQ folder then extract there. Everything will go to its own folder in campaigns, scenarios, and boards/unofficial. Overwrite localclient_mechset.txt when prompted for Saviors to use the Galaport Trailer image.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Where Are The Orbital Elevators?
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 21:11:21 »
Given you can build a 25 ton surface to orbit shuttle (that carries 20 tons) for under 1,000,000 C-Bills (see "magic fusion drive" above), I can't see a space elevator being even remotely cost effective.
MegaMek games / Re: Character Creation
« Last post by Cenalt on Today at 20:54:11 »
I generally start a campaign at the company level, and do my initial staffing by turning off Campaign Options / Finances / Pay for personnel recruitment, then doing a "Marketplace -> Hire Personnel in Bulk" for Mechwarriors. I hire 16 for 12 mechs, switch the Personnel view to Tactical Skills, and tap the people with Tactics skills to be the initial officers (lance commanders). On the very rare occasion that someone starts with a Strategy skill, they get tapped to be the company CO, otherwise I pick among the tacticians to promote. This is a highly specialized selection based on how cool their name sounds, what their generated portrait looks like, their P/G skills, etc. Having a couple extra Mechwarriors in the initial cadre allows me to screen for additional skills like Medical (Congrats, Doc) or Admin. Leftovers who don't have a Battlemech to ride or some other useful function get sacked.

I initially get Aero Pilots and vehicle crews by doing a Hire full complement on their platform in the hanger. I get support staff by purchasing a platoon or two of conventional infantry then editing them into Mechanics, Mech and Aero Techs, Administrators, etc. by setting their tech/admin/whatever skill points equal to whatever their small arms points were.

Once I've got a fleshed out company, I switch personnel recruiting costs back on and live by the AtB rulesets.
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