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(Answered) HT Special Ability
« on: 15 October 2023, 17:37:11 »
Hi, I would like some clarification on how the HT Special Ability works. I was playing with a friend the other day using multiple attack roll rules, and we were somewhat confused as to how exactly the heat attack is applied.

I was using a Night Wolf for example. With an attack value of S-6 M-5 L-2 and Special Ability HT 1/1/1

If my Night Wolf attacks at Medium Range, I designate one of the 5 attack rolls that I will be doing as HT.
Does this attack do damage and heat or just heat? In other words would the Night Wolf at medium range do 5 damage total + heat or would it be 4 damage + 1 heat with no damage?
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Re: HT Special Ability
« Reply #1 on: 28 October 2023, 06:52:51 »
Damage and heat. 
Your Night Wolf has 5 damage, you are doing five attack rolls (using mulitple attack rolls) and each does 1 damage.  Adding special abilities (like HT) to the attack roll doesn't change that you assigned 1 damage of your 5 to that attack roll. It's still going to do the damage.  If all five hit, the Night Wolf would deliver 5 damage + 1 heat.

If you had a unit with 1/1/1 and HT2/2/2, then you would need two attack rolls. The first would have the 1 damage and 1 heat, and the second would only have the 1 heat.  This is the only time you'd have an attack roll that didn't do damage, where your HT special is greater than the damage and you have to have a separate HT attack roll(s).
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